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Law panel for continuation of English in higher judiciary

The Law Commission of India has stated that it is not feasible to introduce Hindi as a compulsory language in the Supreme Court.

Judges have to understand the submissions of both the sides, apply the law to adjust equities. Arguments are generally made in higher courts in English and the basic literature under the Indian system is primarily based on English and American textbooks and case laws.

It is important to remember that every citizen and every court has the right to understand the law laid down finally by the apex court and at present one should appreciate that such a language is only English.

The use of English language also facilitates the movement of lawyers from High Courts to the apex court since they are not confronted with any linguistic problems and English remains the language at both the levels.

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The question that arises here is isn't the same logic applicable to other fields, particularly engineering, medicine, also? Is it at all conceivable that Hindi or the other regional languages can ever attain the status of English in these fields? As such, why not confine the scope of these languages just to literature, liberal arts, etc?

Muralidhar Rao

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Applying to education

You are going to one idea by i think mr tarlesubba. he suggested teaching science in english and literature liberal arts taraha things in local language.

Also, with this, people weak in english have disadvantage for growing in law line. To solve this, you make english as mandatory medium of education for law. comment guidelines

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