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Steel Bridge from Basaveshwara Circle - Analysis of DPR and public record documents

This is a starter post for analysis of the published DPR and other materials for the flyover from Basaveshwara cicle to Hebbal.

The sorry state of Carmelaram Station

Commuter Rail

I want to share a horrible experience I had yesterday at Carmelaram station.  A family member was coming from Kerala on the 12678 Ernakulam-SBC Intercity express.  For me, the best option to pick up a traveler from the point of view of convenience is Carmelaram Station.  The other option is Catonment which is a nightmarish drive into the city and back away.

Draft Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014


A draft road transport and safety bill is posted on the MORTH website. Click here to see the draft.  It is a long, long piece of legislation by Indian standards, about 305 pages.

BESCOM connection and disconnection process

BESCOM Connection and Disconnection Process – For Non Payment

A Note on the Process


This note is in the context of discussions on MD BESCOM Manivannan’s wall on facebook at the following locations

Karnataka Pollution Control Board Chairman - Qualifications?


An interesting development caught my attention.  Would not have noticed in such detail if I was not following the PCB for some other issues.

Dr. Vaman Acharya (MBBS) has been appointed as chairman of the Pollution Control Board after the term of Mr. A.S. Sadashivaiah came to an end. This appointment has been subject of some PILs in court.

BESCOM financials

This is the transcript of a facebook thread following BESCOM posting their financial statement online. They invited comments and some questions were asked by me and others which I am selectively reproducing here for all to read, with credits.

Potential for Savings in Bangalore Power Consumption via BESCOM Incentives for Buildings

Bangalore (and Karnataka), like most cities and states in India is facing a power deficit.  One way around to solve this issue is to implement energy conservation measures.  The terminology in the power industry for this is called demand side management (DSM).

Grid Connected Rooftop Solar in Bangalore through BESCOM

I attended a meeting this morning at BESCOM that was called by Mr.

Illegal Tinted Windows - Supreme Court Ruling

This is a hot topic now, as drivers all over Bangalore are peeling off the cooling films from their cars.  of course, this is happening all over India as well, following the recent Supreme Court ruling. I went ahead and read through the ruling to understand the logic behind the decision taken.  It is a 15 page ruling, and in my opinion, a very poor piece of work.


Solar Systems Connected to the Grid - Rules?


There have been several reports in the news papers recently about solar PV systems in Karnataka getting connected to the grid and injecting power into the electric grid when they produce more than they need.

Bus Breakdowns Plaguing BMTC

BusPublic Transport

My 25 km one way daily commute for the past 10 months has meant covering a swathe of Bangalore's suburuban areas.  A common observation during this time has been seeing 2-3 BMTC buses broken down every day.  This includes buses across the spectrum.  Ordinary buses ranging from old to the relatively new JNNURM ones, Janti Vahanas (trailer buses), Volvos, Marco Polos etc.

Who is reponsible for transformer maintenance


I live in an apartment community.  We have a few transformers.  One of the things we realized recently is that our transformers really need some maintenance - oil level, dessicant cartridge, gaskets, oil filteration etc.  Then a question was posed - (a) Who owns the transformers - us or BESCOM.  Who is responsible for servicing them?

What is this MUSS Maintenance Outage?


 I was reading the news paper this morning.  As is common in the weekend, there was this regular headline which went like "Power Shutdown in Several Areas Today".  The article went on to say that due to 66/11 kV "C" Station Maintenance Work, there will be no power in a large swathe of Bangalore in the general Shivaji Nagar area from 10 am to 6pm.

Police ticketing BMTC


 A short report:  I saw a traffic policeman giving a challan to a BMTC bus that was parked awkwardly on the down ramp from Marathalli bridge.  Excellent start.  I want to see challans for improper parking at bus stops, illegal U-turns, ignoring lane discipline etc.

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