BRT with bike rentals!

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Hindu carried a full page article on Sunday 9th Dec about cycling and its usage all over India. A very interesting article in there was about the Delhi BRT system and the bike rental program that has been setup along with it..

"The contract for maintaining the five cycle stations has been given to Planet Advertising. At each station, 10 cycles are available to the public. A wheelchair is also available free of cost for the disabled. At the stands, free parking facility has been provided for five cycles. However, as of now few use this facility..

In all future BRT corridors being planned by the Delhi government, provision of cycle tracks has been made. DIMTS says that in the projects being planned by it, the width has been kept between 2.5 m and 4 m, depending on the volume of cycles at a given location."

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Bangalore is heading into implementing its first BRT system from CSB to Hebbal and having this type of bike rental will become crucial in augmenting the reach of the 'rapid' system..

This will need accompanying cycle infra like lanes and parking for personal cycles too..but that will surely help in a big way in popularizing this effiecient mode of PT