DriveWell Day Training at TMC - report

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I reached venue 30 mins late, as I got confused between old Ashoknagar police station(where I saw board as traffic division). Thats fine. Actually its very near to Garuda Mall.

Session was so nice. The following points were shown, of course lots of Q&As.

a) How to use different features of BTP website. Like how to check violation given a vehicle number, how to subscribe to SMS service etc.

b) Had a look at features of a blackberry which you see with a traffic cop.

c) A close at content of traffic violation notification. 

d) A look at violation form used by traffic police , used to upload violation data.

e) A nice PPT of *really* nice quotes to inspire "DriveWell", which will be shared with MphasiS team.

It seems BTP also agreed to deploy their resources to DriveWell day trial spots. If I recall those spots are near to MphasiS offices. Also heard from Mphasis that trafic violators will be given warnings with help of some cards or some small items to denote their actions. Also heard that nice appreciatation items shall be given to good drivers. 

I remember there was a question regarding how the collected traffic fine would be spent. The answer was: the funds would be transfered to govt. as common public fund. But may be used for BTRAC project too.

Also there was a question about traffic fine: If an offender is so poor(proven) that he can not pay fines? Answer was very convincing and logical. If an offender can not pay fine, BTP can (at its descretion, based on facts) defer 50% , but offender has to attend mandatory 10 min training at TMC. 


Well, I was looking forward few fellow Prajas there. Okey, after training I consumed long 45 minutes of Sri Sudheer to share my personal experiences, views, opinions and suggestions.

Few point I brought:

Q1: Is there any plan to send warning to an offender before actually fined.

A : No. There is no excuse. Offense is offense, will be fined, right at first offense, no mercy, no learning curve.

Q2: Can number 103 be used to complain regarding rash driving by autos/BMTC/cabs.

A: Yes, provide we send them picture/video evidence with *vehicle number, *date and time, *exact location, *your full contact details and *residential address**. Also you should be prepared to be present in person during enquiry.

Q3: We have seen lots of private buses parking(rather than waiting for passengers) very near to traffic signals thus creating disruptions to traffic. For a citizen perspective, how to help traffic police to build case?

A; Police have noted this case. They are tring to chase such buses, though its a crude method. But as a caring citizen, please send details with above details, mentioned with *.  If more than 20 such cases are registered on a single vehicle, BTP has rights to sieze the vehicle. So we CAN do something if we wish :)

Q4. Is the 103 number is toll-free across operators (like Airtel, Vodaphone etc)

A: Yes, it is toll-free, provided you get connected.  I just checked 103 right there, it worked :)

Q5: Is a traffic cop entitle to take dicision on the spot regarding mode of signal (auto/manual)

A: Yes, based on ground situation they can decision. However they are not supposed switch off signals at any cost. TMC can detect off signal from control room if required.

I must thank TMC officer for his valuable time. He was listening to question, thinking well before responding to queries. Overall those 45 minutes were worth spending :)


Thank you Bheema

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Thank you Bheema for sharing a detailed report with us. Mr Sudhir is a very nice fellow, in fact they are all nice and friendly at TMC. Meet them once and you wonder where this gap - we bitch so much about them, and they seem so friendly and receptive - comes from.

You may not have met any die hard Prajas at the training, but you did see those new Prajas taking the training there :) We are all Praja only !

I haven't met you ever, but want to. Come to Mr Sood meeting next Saturday, gives us a chance to see each other.