Tumkur MP Shri. Basavaraj writes to PM, Railway Minister and CM for Suburban Rail Project!

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Commuter Rail

As you all know recently the former Chief Secretary Shri. Ranganath had sent the formal propsoal on 'Bangalore Suburban Rail Service' to Railway Board. Subsequent to that progress by GOK, Tumkur MP Shri. G. S. Basavaraj has taken up the issue with Hon'ble Prime Minister and Railway Minister seeking the early approval to the proposal. In addition he has written letter to the Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah for pursuing this further at Delhi by taking an all party delegation. Hope he succeeds in that pursuit.

Shri. Basavaraj, deserves all the appreciation and many thanks for taking up this issue. One can see the clarity and focus in his letters on the subject and the proposal. We wish more MPs and MLAs could emulate him and write to Chief Minister, Railway Minister and the Hon'ble Prime Minister.

On behalf of Praja community, I thank Shri. Basavaraj for his continued support.

Tumkur MP Shri. Basavraj's Letter to Prime Minister urging for approving GOK's proposal for 'Bangalore Subu... by kbsyed61

Tumkur MP's Letter to Railway Minister by kbsyed61

Tumkur MP Letter to Karnataka Chief Minister



Can we expect other MP's to do littel bit put pressure on Minist

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Other MP's arround Bangalore should do littel bit to put pressure on Railway Minister Kharge and get the project approved from Him before the elections set.


Call for all party delegation to Delhi!

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In the letter to CM, Shri. Basavaraj is suggesting CM to take an all party delegation to Delhi to get the necessary approvals.

Quite agree with you sir. Given small window of opportunity, all party delegation idea has better chances of succeeding.

Will future MP's ensure that Suburban Rail will be reality ???

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Bangalore sitting south MP's take on the Suburban rail :

What are your achievements as MP in the last five terms and what is your contribution to Bangalore South voters?

Fourthly, I also gave Bangalore two more things, which are on the anvil. Like Mumbai, Bangalore should have a suburban rail. It will have four radials towards -- Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune-Mumbai and Mysore.

We commissioned RITES for conducting detailed project report, which was approved by BJP government in its last budget before 2013 assembly elections. We are the first ever state, which has proposed it to the Centre under the 50:50 joint venture under K-RIDE (Karnataka Railway Infrastructure Development Enterprise), which is a special purpose vehicle created only between government of Karnataka and government of India. That proposal is pending before the Central government

If NDA returns to power, what are your programmes for Bangalore in the first 100 days?

I will take up three projects like, suburban rail, Bidadi power plant and thirdly, rejuvenation of tanks and a metro rail link to international airport.


So now we have Nandan Nilekani, Ananthkumar, Basavaraj from Tumkur, PC Mohan backing for the Suburban rail.  Good to see the support at political level for the project