CRS Publicity Posters in English

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Commuter Rail

Time now for the final push to CRS train. Otherwise it may be left standing where it was before Praja's Namma Raiu campaign. This time a lot has been done at government level with RITES doing a technical report and GOK, SWR showing considerable interest in it. Therefore to keep up the momentum and put the CRS train proposal on the path that can not be stopped or reversed, a public campaign on CRS awareness is required.

Here is the needed publicity material that could be used in CRS awareness campaign. I have designed many versions for this purpose. Please feel free to download and help publicise the CRS to the maximum extent. You can make posters of it, print it as flyers and even use it for Banners for public rallies/events.

To Download, Double Click On it. They Open in 'Scribd'. If any difficulty, contact me via a PM or a comment.





Note - File upload issue resolved. The posters in original format are attached below for downloads.

CRS-Poster-1- Demand CRS-CM Office-English.pdf368.88 KB
CRS-Poster-2-Map-English.pdf448.83 KB
CRS-Poster-3-Route-Map-English.pdf254.53 KB
CRS-Poster-4-Route-Map-English.pdf377.35 KB
CRS-Poster-5-Publicity-English.pdf236.93 KB
CRS-Poster-6-Publicity-English.pdf245.97 KB
CRS-Poster-7-Demand CRS-CM-Office-English.pdf399.27 KB


Lets start campaining on

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Lets start campaining on social media.



could you please make the words in the posters more clear because when the picture is enlarged the names of the areas appear blurred and it becomes difficult to read and understand.

I am planning to post these posters on Facebook and it would be good if  the names are more clear so that people can understand the names easily.



@prakash, just wait for a day, i will be out with CRS FB page

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I will be publising CRS - Namma railu FB page in another day.

I will be putting these posters, promotional pictures there and then you can cross-post, share, spread from there, that way, all things will be on one page.


FB page live -

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please LIKE this page, share it, cross-post it on your profile to make it more visible, spread it.


Prakash_Dh, Actual Files have not been uploaded!

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The images posted here are only for viewing and are resized. Actual files have not been uploaded. As I have made a note in my post, I am having trouble with uploading files here. Praja Tech are trying to address the problem.

Until then, if you need a copy of the posters, give me your email address. I will send it to you right away.


@prakash dh, Now these posters can be downloaded!

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@prakash dh,

Now you can download this message by double clicking on them. They will open it in 'Scribd'.

If any difficulty, send me a PM or an leave a comment here with contact email address. I will email it to you the original files.


More slogans, More Themes!

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Did you liked the posters? You have better ideas? Pls do share it here.

We need more posters with different story lines, different catchy slogans and punch lines. More imaginations needed.


I have possted the picture on

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I have possted the picture on my FB wall and also have shared it on friends pages.

And i was thinking why not have a media that can report on the status of CRS twice in a week or atleast weekly in a fairly large column so that it reaches to maximum people and it wont fade away from anyone's mind if it is published regularly. Like for example TIMES OF INDIA used to publish about the status of bangalore metro weekly and similarly about various projects.

We can ask for thier help and request them to publish the developments happening with regard to CRS weekly.

Press has covered the recent CRS events very well!

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Prakash and Others,

Press, specially the Paper media has covered the recent CRS events very well. Thanks to all the news papers for covering CRS prominentlt in thier papers.

The ball is now in 'CITIZEN's' court and can not sit on sidelines and expect Govt/Railways to approve it. It is citizen initiated project and therefore this project doesn't doesn't have political daddy to take special interest and push for approvals.

It is in our and in CRS interest that we should own it until it is approved and implemented 100%. Any laxative on our part would render the project same fete as seen in previous attempts.

Citizens, wake up and rise join the CRS campaign @ PRAJA.