For Common people, Suburban Rail makes big difference after toll hike ???

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Commuter Rail

Devanahalli farmers will be priced out

The vegetable growers of Devanahalli and surrounding villages, who are among the main suppliers of vegetables to the city, are a worried lot. The nearly four-fold increase in the toll has seriously disturbed their fragile economics.

The toll at Sadahalli gate for a tempo has gone up from Rs. 50 for two-way travel within 24 hours to Rs. 175.

Manjunath, who grows carrot and beetroot on the outskirts of Devanahalli, said that tempo operators are charging Rs. 30 for each sack of vegetables. After the hike, they are demanding at least Rs. 40.

Though transport cost has increased, vegetable prices cannot be raised as the problem is specific to vehicles using NH7. “If we increase prices, we will lose out to the competition. If we don’t, we lose on our margins and risk losses,” he explained.

Even vehicle owners are a worried lot. Srikanth, who runs a tempo in Devanahalli town, said, “Asking the farmers to pay more is difficult. Their trade will become unprofitable. Even now, we know that they sell their produce at dirt cheap rates.”

But farmers fear that eventually they will be forced to bear the burden.

“The toll for a longer stretch on Tumkur Road is Rs. 17 as compared to the Rs. 175 we will have to pay for using about 22 km of the airport road,” Basavaraju, a vegetable trader rued.

Vinay Kumar, a tempo operator, said that at least vehicles carrying vegetables, fruits and milk from surrounding villages should be exempt from toll. He also urged that a toll-free service road be provided immediately.

Tempo operators and farmers say that using alternative routes are not feasible. “We have two alternate routes. One is through K.R. Puram and the other through I.V.C. Road and Rajanukunte. Both are longer and will increase fuel cost,” Manjunath said.

Suburban Rail should come to rescue of these farmers and shoul also ad value as they can ship to diffeent parts of Bangalore in short time.





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yes sir...already there is a train running on this stretch...all farmers should demand for their that SWR can run train as per the requirement of the farmers/local community..there by increase in profit for the farmer...

why our HD is silent here ? he can do dharana infront of SWR to run train suitable to farmers timing...Hope this will surely work in favour  and there by people benefiting...





Devanhalli Trumpet Flyover NHAI does not own ???

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In such case,  where BIAL has built and maintaining this Trumpet flyover,  why BIAL is restricting itself toapproaching to BIAL by Toll road only. Let BIAL open the Trumpet to other service roads and Public travelling to Airport need not pay the toll as such Passengers are paying for this Trumpet Flyover ( Rs 130 crores ) thru UDF.


The new Chikkballapur MP needs to be apprised of the need

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The new Chikkballapur MP needs to be apprised of the need for CRS. The previous MP Moily had not even bothered to respond to queries on CRS.


If he does come back then there is very little hope of this project seeing the light of the day.

Yes we are in great need of CRS

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As I got through all the posts of the above subject. I have some information that if Karnataka state government pays Rs.220 crore. The toll rates will be reduced to Rs.25 in the 22 kilometer stretch. If we use a Rs.220 crore for doubling and starting CRS between Bangalore and chikaballapur having stops at all stations. That spent amount will come back in around 2 years of time. But the project must be completed within a stipulated time framework.

Vidyadhara B V

BE (Instrumentation Technology), MCE, Hassan.

while in taxi from airport i

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while in taxi from airport i was shocked that toll fees is 115 and when asked about alternate taxi driver said Govt is constructing alternate route... not sure if this is fake or real news



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