June 4 - Bus day is on

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4 Jun 2010

Not much time to interface with BMTC for this month's event, though I am sre Jenny and some others have been on. The Bus Day is very much on for June 4th.

Bus Day campaign needs a named "anchor". If Srivatsava or Bharat or someone else can just keep in touch with BMTC and posting updates from them, that should be good enough. Once in a while meetings with BMTC too will help.



will take it

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Will live with my last mile problem, will haggle with autorickshaw friends once again tomorrow, and will take the bus, and keep the faith that BMTC will use the event to announce improvements and experiments.

Praja must push for integration

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BMTC is using bus days to promote travel on their buses at little cost to themselves - fair enough. After all, this also promotes more environment friendly travel patterns & has a chance of reducing traffic on the streets.

I think the time has come for us prajas now to push for transport integration since the many power centers in the transport arena are doing just nothing other than repeating promises time & again to ensure seamless connectivity for city travel.

TTMCs being planned by BMTC make no sense if they are far removed from future Metro /Mono stations or existing commuter rail stations. This must be focussed upon as also the push for BRT on the many possible corridors.

With some 12-million population estimated by 2015, no city can manage with just 100-odd kilometers of Metro rail & about 60-odd km of Monorail, particularly Bangalore with it's tens of thousands of street intersections, turn offs & turn ins at short distances along all streets.

In this context, the attention to "signal-free" roads, being spoken about time & again must include provisions for dedicated bus lanes.

Shouldn't we be making a start on these aspects by engaging with BMTC first ? This makes sense since they have all to gain from these measures.

how about you buy a bicycle?

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and chuck this bus thing once  and for all. You can bike to work even on NON bus day days!

btw you can take my bike if you dont have one already. its deepaks really old bike but i love it.

Vayu Vajra and Suvarna Passes From BMTC

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BMTC is believed to be  introducing Vajra Monthly Friendly Pass/ Vajra Monthly Student Pass/ A/c Suvarna Day Pass. For more details read here


2 more corridors have been added!

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It seems they added 2more corridors to the existing 5. The new corridors are Tumkur Road and Mysore RD ORR/IRR.


Mayor takes the Bus on Today's Bus Day

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Courtsey - www.pics4news.com

Mayor SK Nataraj buying ticket while traveling in BMTC Volvo bus on the occasion of monthly Bus Day organised by BMTC near Bannappa Park, in Bangalore on Friday 4th June 2010


Mayor's Bus ride

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Why is the Mayor (and his followers) walking in the middle of the road(where there is no Zebra crossing) instead of on foot path?


Buses after 7 PM!

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With regard to your and others felt need for buses after 7 PM posted @ http://praja.in/en/events/2009/10/discussion-regarding-bus-day#comment-22207,

I had forwarded your experience to our contacts in BMTC. Today happened to talk to one of them and glad to know that BMTC mgmt and operations have taken this seriously and working onto extend the service timings to beyond 7 PM i.e up to 10 PM. Hope this materializes ASAP. Right now they have to sort out the crew and the working hours to extend the timings to 10 PM.

Let us keep up the pressure on BMTC.



Bus timings

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Similarly buses are needed at 5-00am from different nagars to City/Cantt/ K.R.Puram/Yeshwantpor Rly. stations to enable people to catch early morning trains.

The 'after 7-00pm' buses should also touch the Railway stations, preferably inside the compounds as is the practice in most cities.


Thanks for the buses after 7 PM initiative Syed

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Thanks for forwarding the issue of buses after 7 pm to BMTC Syed. We will see how it goes this Bus day. Any changes in the date as it comes on Sunday.