July Bus Day - moved to 7th July

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7 Jul 2010

Folks, get ready to take the Bus again!!

July Bus day will NOT be on the 4th of July, since its a Sunday. Instead, it will be on Monday, the 5th of July. 7th July, moved out in light of Bharat Bandh.

This time round, there are two more corridors being added for Bus Day, making it a total of 7 corridors. The list of corridors

  1. Old Madras Road
  2. Old Airport Road
  3. Sarjapura Road/ORR,
  4. Hosur Road
  5. Bannergatta Road
  6. Tumkur Raod
  7. Mysore Road

As usual, don't forget post your experinces here on Praja!!



2 Corridors were added in the last Bus Day

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 The 2 new corridors (Tumkur Road and Mysore Road) were added to list in the last Bus Day itself.

We need to follow up on 2 Things:

  1. What is the status on extending the timings beyond 7 PM?
  2. What new feeder/circular routes are planned on Tumkur Rd and Mysore Rd?


Corporator's to take bus on bus day

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This time the corporators of different wards will be requested to take the bus.
I believe there is a meeting on the 5th so they can take the bus for the meeting.

The wards through which the corridors pass will be contacted personally so that they could take the bus and  could get the feedback from their wards.

We would be meeting again with the Praja BMTC contact on Saturday to take this task further. If there are any suggestions or inputs do post them so that they can be addressed as well.

need more frequent buses Marathahalli -Sarjapur Road

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Need more frequent buses from Marathahalli bridge to Sarjapur Road. Otherwise people in Sarjapur road who work in ORR can not use the buses effectively. 333W and 340Q are not frequent enough.

kpr - I am surprised

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There are enough 500A and 500D running on ring road today to take you from marathahalli to sarjapur road / ORR. Is it not possible to take these and then change to G3 to go anywhere on Sarjapur road?

I would say that this is an example of how we ask for wrong things. Instead of asking more point to point routes (which is not most efficient for BMTC), let us ask for better bus interchange facilities, at least on all big junctions on Outer Ring Road and Big10 corridors so that we max out on using the high frequency routes available today.

Now. daily pass also needs your ID proof.

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 Today I have seen in Viajaya Karnataka (Kannada news paper) that from July 15th , users will have to get ID proof for daily pass or bus pass will be Rs.40 in stead of Rs.35/=, if one does not have ID proof . I heard ID proof will cost Rs.25. Any updates(Interesting no mention of it in BMTC website)?

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