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Who said the job is done!? Sure, the second Bus Day will not get as much publicity as the first one. "Oh, there they go again". So what!? This is our chance, to surprise people.

An event is one thing, and a tradition another. A monthly event gives everyone the chance to do some progressive experiments and thinking. Everyone as in, BMTC, involved organizations and the individuals who'd spread the word. Yes, just take the Bus, and get the rights to crib about what you didn't like, becuase you would be speaking from experience. And if you like the ride, tell the world that public transport is worth it.

Sitting inside those shells we call cars - sometimes sitting in the backseat, listening to the music of my choice, chatting only with the people I want to speak with on phone - do think about social implications of the isolation we bring upon ourselves.

How often do you find yourself with different people and new situations that were not chosen by you? A geek friend of mine once told me this - the demise of our society began with two inventions, the walkman, and private cars. That may be a slightly extreme thought, but isn't the whole point of living in dense and crowded cities like Bengaluru is to mingle and mix with people, the public.

Public Transport provides you one easy way there. Just try it, one day a month. And be part of a tradition that may just change our city, for good.



Energy for the 4th-March 'Mingle'

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SB - Nice writeup ! Could use such ideas too to get people out from cars & push them into buses !

"Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle" - Elizabeth West, Author, in "Hovel in the Hills"

I guess your geek friend doesn't mind the many other inventions that took place between the bicycle & the motor car !

Bicycle, visibility, identity, mingling

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Naveen, thanks. I'd say the bicycle isn't a shell. You are still visible, open. But inside the car, I can hide my identity, and it shows. Same nice office colleagues of yours would be vicious honkers and precision tailgaters once inside their identity masking device called the car.

Very subtle observation, but also notice that mo-bikers who ride on pavements, and jump lights are more often than not wearing nice and tight helmets that hide faces. Watch around and see if you disagree :)

Back to the topic of public transport, its one easy chance to mingle, and learn around. I have a fair share of those stories from the guy next seat in the bus, train or airplane myself - don't we build perceptions about our world from those interactions!?

And today, the idea of mingling in a city is like a trip to the multiplex. Oh yeah, you sit along and rub shoulders with strangers, but in a dark hall, for 2-3 long hours with no speaking allowed.

With so many options to pick who I mingle with (my friends on facebook etc, my neighbors in the community, my close relatives in the functions, and all of just myself in my car), I am afraid our learning about the immediate outside world comes only from the newspaper, the idiot box, and business interactions. No wonder then that the media and business rule over present day society.

Lack of usage of PT (by anyone who has the option to avoid PT), and also, absence of quality public places - these two things hurt and impact the culture of any city.

Bangalore has changed not because of IT or migrants or unplanned growth or whatever else you will. City has lost its culture because of less "mingling", which is in large ways due to bad PT, and lack of quality public spaces.


SB aka Pranav

The job is definitely not done

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I agree with SB. We've got to convert this event into a tradition. It's more likely to sustain itself that way. The great thing about the first bus day was that NONE of the people in my circle who tried PT came back and said "That was painful. I'll never take the bus again!. I think that's a great sign.

Deepak Rajanna

Sad Bus stops...

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One of the comments I had read during the last 'bus day' was that people standing in bus stop look very sad.  I did observe that in many bus stops especially after work.  it may be because people are tensed about the bus not coming on time, it may be crowded or it does not stop at the shelter etc.  it is shame that the people who are helping everyone in bangalore by taking bus and reducing traffic are put in such predicament.  Also, it is not good for the PR.  people who are in the car look out of the window and see these sad and tense people in the bus stops may be feeling good about not being in their place.  

People in bangalore are too nice to take such abuse from government and government run organizations.  can't they have a forsight to think about making bays at the bus stops by acquiring little more land for the bus stops so that the buses don't hinder the whole traffic?.  why can't they make bus stops bigger so that people can comfortably sit and wait for the bus. and why can't the bus stop say 30 seconds to  1 minute at each bus stop so that people can comfortably get in or get out (no, don't tell me it is going to increase the commute time.  even with 10 stops along the way it may increase by only 5 to 7 minutes).  

Anyhow, all that cannot be changed overnight but, for bus day, we can provide one happy bus stop with a welcome banner, cool drinks etc...   But, unfortunately, I am not in town this week.  may be next bus day.  until then dear sad bus stops, cheer up help is around the corner namma praja's will take care of you.

bbmp election

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It is silent laugh when the goverment say they are concerened about the exams and children , if conducted by march 30th.

They have proved that they have no concern for the citizens of all ages by not conducting election.

They are stopping the progress by not conducting the election.

Solution for last mile connectivity

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The biggest con to taking PT everyday to work is last mile connectivity. Unless some smart suggestions are implemented, it would be difficult to get more involvement as compared to last time. Maybe all of us can divide work areas and residential areas and hire some kind of a non stop pick-drop the entire day. Its harder than it reads, because parking for 4 wheelers around the bus stops for one is a major problem. Auto pooling was suggested last time but people didnt really get too enthusiastic about it. Can we do something different and smarter about it this time?

Can we do something different

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Can we do something different and smarter about it this time?

If we are willing to walk upto half a km at each end we could campaign for Ped sidewalks/footpaths without obstructions. I know its a long shot but atleast we get footpaths/sidewalks in the bargain.


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I have seen in small towns like salem in Tamil nadu where they have share autos,

the capacity of the auto is 8-10 persons.

which operate point to tpoint and charge small amounts . this could be solution to parking problems near the bus stops.


Next Bus Day, Allow 2 wheeler / cycle parking in depots

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 Many Bus Depots have huge amount of space such as Kamakya, Agara, Vijaynagar etc. If they could allow parking of atleast 2 wheelers, (may be cars in the future with multilevel parking) we could see how it will solve the last mile connectivity.

One has to show the bus ticket and pay nominal fees. Parking without taking the bus should be exhobirant.