4 March Bus Day - New corridors announced

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Got this email from BMTC late last week. Most significant part in there is

  1. Confirmation that next Bus Day is on for March 4th
  2. 5 corridors for next Bus Day: Old Madras Road (new), Bannerghatta Road (new), Old Airport Road, Hosur Road, Sarjapura Road (new).

New Corridor means extra buses, more cops at key points on the corridors to manage bus traffic, and hopefuly, some local shuttles around these corridors on the day

Here is the note received from BMTC:

Dear All

As you are aware, Bus Day held in February was a great success!  The campaign was able to raise awareness on using public transportation, witnessed a reduction in private vehicles and pollution levels on the said corridors.

BMTC takes this opportunity to thank everyone mentioned below for the same: Hon’ble Transport Minister, Transport Department, Traffic Police, Karnataka Pollution Control Board, Media, Infosys, Praja.in (Activist Portal), Industry association on Old Madras/Hosur/ Outer Ring Road such as ELCIA, ORRCA, ITPL Companies, NGOs, Members of City Connect, and most importantly the citizens of Bangalore.

A special mention goes to BMTC drivers, conductors and staff who worked tirelessly towards making the event a success. We look forward to more more suggestions and partnerships to make the campaign successful!

Moving forward, BMTC solicits similar support and cooperation for March Bus Day to be held on Thursday, 4th March 2010 on the following five corridors of the city – Old Madras Road, Bannerghatta Road, Old Airport Road, Hosur Road & Sarjapura Road. All information regarding the Bus Day will be made available through emails, website; www.bmtcinfo.com and call centre 1800-425-1663 by next week and will be intimated to you.

BMTC requests to take the bus on Bus Day!

Thank you & Regards,





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However, I have a couple of queries;

Does the presence of "Old Madras Road" and "Old Airport Road" indicate that Bagmane Tech Park (which falls in between the two) will also be covered?

Is the ORR (in particular the Hebbal-Marathahalli-Banashankari sector) a part of this plan?



March 4th Bus Day

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It is worth knowing from BMTC what improvements they are implementing based on the feedback of first Bus Day from praja and other channels.

One point noted is the Minister is making it madatory for Govt. employees to take the bus on that day.


It is worth knowing from BMTC

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It is worth knowing from BMTC what improvements they are implementing based on the feedback of first Bus Day from praja and other channels

Me too, they proably believe they are flawless but really.

Lets call BMTC and request information!

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Have routed the request through our BMTC contact for this precise information few days ago and awaiting the reply.

Meanwhile, here is the contact information for BMTC's top officials who are involved in the Bus Day campaign.

SYED ZAMEER PASHA, IAS - Managing Director - Ph: 22952501

PADAM KUMAR GARG, IAS Director (Projects) - Ph: 22952590

K S Vishwanath Chief Traffic Manager (Opr) - Ph: 22952534, 9480817007 (Mob)

Let us call them over the phone and try to get some answers.

Note: This information was obtained from BMTC website.


Naming Local Shuttles - use a standard

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If BMTC is game for doing more shuttles, then a standard is needed for naming them. Ideally, part of the name (say first letter) could convey the locality that shuttle is bound to, but then you will have to do some letter to place mapping.

Big10s all start with G, may be all shuttles can start with S.

  • S and two digits, its a shuttle, as in , runs small local route.
  • G and two digits, its a trunk route bus.
  • All S routes will touch one or two big stops on G routes

So, the guarantee is - if you take the S bus, you will eventually be put on the main line (aka trunk route). Take the S to a G, and then, change back to another S - two changes could be most people's office commute.