BMTC launching Local Loop Services on Bus Day

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Good news. BMTC will be launching local loop bus services on February 4, the first Bus Day for Bengaluru. "Whitefield Sarige" will be running loops in Whitefield suburban area covering Marathahalli, Brookfields, ITPL, Hope Farm, Whitefield Market, Varthur Road etc. A similar service will connect various points inside Electronics City. More and precise details will follow from BMTC, but here are some details.

Feeder Services will be operated every 5 minutes on Bus day between 6 - 10 AM and 4 - 10 PM. Between 11 - 4 PM the frequency will be 10 - 15 Minutes.

Whitefield Sarige

Circular Loop every 5 Mins @ Ordinary Fare Structure. Two services, one looping clockwise, another counterclockwise. 16.4 km - about 24 mins.

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Electronics City Loop

Note: Not sure if this service is permanent or only there for Bus Day

Every 5 Minutes @ Flat Fare of Rs 5/-, Uni-directional (unlike the Whitefield service). 8.9 km - about 19 mins

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At least a beginning

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there are tons of things to understand here

  • Routes need to be thought out for local area coverage as well as connect with trunk routes
  • We are yet to see what type of buses will be used
  • We will see how hard or easy it will be to change from a trunk route bus to local loop
  • Single ticket journey would be so much nicer
  • etc, etc

In short, there is a lot to do, and many work items are obvious to BMTC as well as us. But, it is a beginning, and reflects their willingness to listen.

I would want to appluad at least this part here - a start.

Hope we will see more and more feedback driven announcements and launches on every Bus Day.


Bus day, two routes

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BMTC ‘Bus Day’ on two routes today
Bangalore, Feb 3, DHNS:
Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) in co-ordination with the City traffic police and pollution control board is observing Thursday as ‘Bus Day’ with emphasis on two routes viz, Hosur and Kadugodi roads (Electronic City and ITPL corridors).

when i was commuting to work,

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when i was commuting to work, i was hearing the announcements for these buses in Maratahalli.. i hope these announcements needs to continue for some time to create awareness. amongst people.let us see how is the response

WFS-2 was full

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Was surprised to see WFS-2 full in the morning itself. I bet nobody would have understood what WFS-2 is - White Field Sarige clockwise I assume. And WFS-1 counter clockwise.

Will need to tune the WFS route, I would think that there is not much point in running on the two trunk routes in Whitefield for most of its run - 331/335/500 route and Big10/333 route. Thats probably why it was full as well, would have eaten into Big10 and 335E's tickets today.

Will observe and suggest.