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Suggestions for Metro Feeder Bus routes

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BMTC had earlier requested suggestions for feeder bus routes for Metro (Reach-1). The suggestions were mapped on google & passed on to them for review. See map below, zoom in for better view or click link and view in google maps


View Metro Feeder Bus Routes in a larger map


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Roads along Metro Routes

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Roads along Metro Route

The CM's Adviser, Dr. A. Ravindra has instructed BBMP & BMRCL to complete road works including foot paths on CMH road and Old Madras road before commissioning Metro. (The Hindu dt. 11th Dec.2010).
To make the new footpaths pedestrian friendly-
1. The relevant Norms for such foot paths should be adhered to in Design and Constuction.
2. After laying of roads with foot paths , just like Railway tracks are inspected, the Road Safety Commissioner should inspect and certify their safety for pedestrian use.The Citizens representatives of the area should also be involved in the inspection.
3.The bus shelters which were demolished should be rebuilt with commuter-friendly features(not for Advt. hoardings).
4. Suitable features for preventing encroachment by parked vehicles and and misuse by shop keepers/vendors should be built-in at design stage.

Unless proper Engineering and quality construction is used the new foot paths will face the same fate as the pavements laid incurring huge expenditure on Indiranagar 100 ft. road, 80 ft. road and 12th Main road remaining entirely useless for pedestrians for whom these were meant.

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Pedestrian safety near Metro stns

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just like Railway tracks are inspected, the Road Safety Commissioner should inspect and certify their safety for pedestrian use.

This is a terrific suggestion. Pedestrian safety has never been accorded any importance & if such a process is begun with access areas near Metro stations (where large volumes of passengers are expected), it can later be extended to all roads in the city & elsewhere too.

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 Only 1st strech starting

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 Only 1st strech starting there might not be many feeder routes-only thing that can be done now is diverting Shivajinagar buses via the closest point of station-also probably Big10's can be extended to the station(G-2 and G-4 to MG road station) from where commuters from south bangalore can use the train for time being

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great! bus size?

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Great work Naveen. Any idea on how many of these routes will ABSOLUTELY require a mini bus equipment that BMTC JUST can't procure today? That probably would be the ground for ruling out some of the routes. From what we hear, they are saying they can't get the minibuses they want.

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Metro Feeder Buses

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there might not be many feeder routes--diverting Shivajinagar buses via the closest point of station:  I think BMTC intends to run additional feeder services from each station to surrounding areas in order not to disturb existing routes.

Big10's can be extended to the station(G-2 and G-4 to MG road station):  G1, G3, G8, G9 & G11 can also be extended to MG rd stn (Kamraj rd) instead of terminating at Brigade rd /Mayo hall /BRV /Police hsg corpn. G12 is running almost parallel to Metro track upto Trinity.


Minibuses will be required for Route-6 (Interior Cambridge layout); Route-8 (Brunton rd, Rhenius st); & Route-10 (comml st).  Rest are manageable with larger buses, but if loads are small, minibuses might serve better to maintain frequency.

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Kanteerava Stadium (Corporation) to Anil Kumble Circle Shuttle

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 If they start direct services it would be great. For south Bangaloreans, they should run a shuttle service between  Corporation to Anil Kumble Circle.

On the Byappanahalli Side, we need regular buses including Volvos / Marcopolos connecting ITPL, Outer Ring Road  - Silkboard, Outer Ringroad - Current V500DB route as well as localities around Byappanahalli.

Connecting ITPL and ORR companies will attract more and more commuters.


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Metro Feeders

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Dont know how may routes of this are actually very viable but the list of all the routes that have been decided by BMTC along the phase 1 of the Metro are put in the link

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OMR a mess already..

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This is from the 100ft road junction to NGEF..its chaos everyday and it takes not less than 15-20 min to cover a 500 mts stretch..

To clarify..the metro works on this road has nothing or little to do with the traffic..its just too many number of vehicles 

Fortunate thing is that govt/authorities(BMRCL) have large tracts of land around here..I hope they make good use of them to solve the traffic issues!

If feeders are to run smooothly..and inturn the metro..this mega mess need to be sorted!

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Feeders - Too Many ?

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Dont know how may routes of this are actually very viable

Not sure why 26 feeder routes are required for just 6 stations when the suggested 11 routes can do the job just as good. Within a few weeks, BMTC might have to cancel quite a few of them.

Any way, it's perhaps a good idea to test all possible route options before deciding which ones actually need to be retained.

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BYPL to Marathalli / Silkboard

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 Byappahanalli to Marathalli / Silkboard is needed to connect the outer ring road companies. Another requirement is the BYPL to ITPL with a good frequency something like White Field Shuttle that runs now from Marathalli to ITPL.

Big buses (preferrably Marcopolo A/Cs) itself would be better to attract car savvy IT folks working on ORR, Kundanahalli and ITPL companies.

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Why would anyone travel all the way to Baiyappanahalli from ITPL /SB /Marathalli to board a Metro train when he can get more convenient /faster or even direct buses to most destinations (incldg MG Rd /Shivajinagar /SBC) from these places easily ? comment guidelines

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