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Workgroup for Kadugodi flyover (Whitefield)

Project number:2869
Opened by:mbhatia
Opened on:Tuesday, 15 December 2009 - 10:06pm
Last modified:Wednesday, 6 October 2010 - 9:41am
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Project group to pool together efforts from various members to put pressure for action and transparency for completion of work on Kadugodi railway overbridge.

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Kadugodi flyover - almost ready


Since good number of members have sent petitions, DPAR complaints, RTIs and what not to chase status of this bridge, it feels good to see the flyover nearing completion.

Work is on, June 2010 new date


Work is on, many have confirmed. June 2010 is being comunicated as the planned end date for remaining work. Residents or commuters of the area should post pictures here to keep tab on the work, so that all get to know if June 2010 date is realistic.

Given all the new information, there is no need for planning a protest right now, let us wait till end of May. Sounds good?

Protest cum work review at the bridge work-site?


Okay, so we have had 3-4 comments expressing interest to participate in a protest sort of event near the work site. If 15-20 people can commit to attendance, let us fix a date and do it.

New completion date for Kadugodi flyover!?


See Page 18, Times of India - December 26,2009, SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY (ROB-WFD-57R)

LINK FOR THE Same on the epaper:


Kadugodi Flyover


Is there any further information on Kadugodi flyover to ease situtaion at whitefield traffic crossing?

Looking at all the older posts the last deadline was Dec 2008 which has passed 8 months back.


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Pedastrian crossing

Dear concerned authorities

Now that the fly-over is open for vehicualr traffic, it is becoming increasingly obvious that you are not concerned about general public and office goers who use buses. Thousands of people cross the railway crossing everyday to take public trasport system. It is getting increasingly nightmarish to cross the railway tracks. One has to be extreamly careful about speeding trains whose numbers are increasing. The second greatest problem is that the railway authoriities make special efforts to block the people from crossing the tracks by stationing goods trains. People have to wade through stinking and dangerously close to tracks to cross them. Please be little more  concerned about your fellow citizens before somebody loose their near and dear ones. I request you to errect a pedastrian crossing flyover at the earliest.


B. Raghavendra Prasad

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Hey Guys!

These polticians damn care about the plight of the people. Kadugodi is completely isolated from other parts of Bangalore.

It is a pity sight to see ambulances going around the village with sick people to convey them to the hospital. Many people have lost their life not able to get to the hospital quickly because of this in-complete fly over. You call the ambulance during emergency and it takes atleast three hours before it arrives. To add to the misery, people commuting on road to catch bus from the bus stop located on the other side is stranded midway because of trains that block the way for hours together. People scramble over the train in a hurry to catch the bus and meet with fatal death when the train suddenly start. There have been several deaths of this sort that has occured in the past.

The polticians are ruthless. They are least bothered about these issues. I doubt if this flyover will be ever completed. Let us keep our fingers crossed. I pray that the chiefminister visit this location atleast once a month to supervise and command the progress of work. This is the only way he will be able to win the heart of the people and come out with flying colours in the next election. Forget about everything , please have human corner to your fellow beings who are suffering with misery. Children, young and old have lost their life geeting on to the other side .

Chief Minister please help your fellow being


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join this project

mass online complaints, mass phone-calls to BBMP, meeting local MLA, whatever - online or offline, join this project to just do it all in unison.

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