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Point out a Bangalore Lake to CAG - takes just 1 click

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See this ( for background. CAG is conducting a study on the subject of Water Pollution. Let us recommend a lake from Bangalore so that CAG can analyze how well the inflow based and lake bed dumping related pollution is managed in our city. This form should help us send a consistent appeal to CAG. Just pick your lake and click send.

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Lakes and land grabbing

At psaram42: Why is land grabbing a bad thing if it eases pressure? Is it bad if a garbage dump is land-grabbed? Lakes in their current state are useless anyway.
- no evaporation due to algae/hyacinth or pollutants
- water is not seen, not pleasing to the eye, nor is used for recreation - same reasons as above
- they breed diseases and are informal sewerage and garbage dumps
Untreated sewerage does not a manure maketh. Especially, commercial and industrial chemical/hazardous sewerage is, well, hazardous to health. So, Bengalurians are "lucky" enough to not only get pesticide-tainted vegetables but also sewerage-tainted ones. Wonderful.
Let the land at least be useful. If they are grabbed by reputable apartment builders then there may be a one or more mini lakes in the complex that have better chances of being regularly cleaned! ;-)

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Save Lakes for preventing land grabbing



The points raised by you are very valid points. However, if the lakes are dry the extra land will be eventually grabbed by people. So even if it filled with not so good water that much land is being saved from the eventual grabbing. 

  1. Dumping is an issue requiring serious attention let alone to be glossed over.
  2. The sewage water is not really a waste as it appears on the surface, but is a top class manure for growing plants.
  3. In fact the so called dirty overflowing water from Bellandur Lake is finally being used in vegetable gardens down stream. These vegetables do end up back in city of Bangalore. 

The Industrial wastes on the other hand is a different ball game altogether.


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Met the Chief Engineer, Lakes today

 Ashwin Mahesh had organized a meeting at the Puttenahalli Lake today.  A couple of us were there from my apartment and a few others from L&T South City.   The lake near Elita is the Sarakki Lake.  Puttenahalli Lake is near L&T South City.

The Engineer responsible for cleaning up the lake was there.  The Chief Engineer Lakes (Mr.Satish) from BBMP also joined.   The consultants showed us drawings for the plan. 

a. A lot of work has happened on this lake.  They have been dredging the lake for a while now.  They expect to complete dredging in a month to 6 weeks.

b.They are creating a pathway of about 6m around the lake for walkers.  Ashwin suggested a few bollards to prevent the odd car/bike from taking a lovely little shortcut!

c.Ashwin suggested that we form a small lake management committee from the neighbouring communities to plan, monitor and maintain the lake.

d. Saplings will be planted around the lakes.  I offered to speak to my apartment association if we could sponsor a significant number and also involve residents in the planting effort.  Mr.Satish said he would provide saplings for this.

e. We will again meet in a month;s time to check progress.

Ashwin and Mr.Satish were talking about how to take Bellandur and Sarakki Lake forward.  


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Thanks for the overwhelming support!

We have 11 clicks, super. I am sure clicking on this button once and recommending Bellandur Lake would hurt. After all, registering on a non-profit site, and clicking on a button does take well over a day.

And it is a known fact that lots of studies have been done on our lakes in recent past, and not everyone in our city cares about increasing the focus and attention towards these lakes. Rest assured, between BWSSB and BBMP, they will do their best to highlight Lake pollution issues and address them.

And we know that those who have not chosen to contact CAG via this method, will be contacting CAG directly at the email id mentioned earlier (cag.water at gmail).

PS: Sarcasm apart - such posts do get lost, and it becomes hard to find them after a while.

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Why save lakes ...

... unless the free discharge of sewerage is permanently stopped or treated by sewage treatment plants? Otherwise lakes are just glorified landfills that breed diseases and white elephants that suck money for regular cleaning. People/organizations will keep dumping solid debris and liquid waste. Also, a majority are encroached and are seldom conducive or used for recreational purposes (that could help recover some cost). Sad though it is, I refuse to click until some kind of preventive measures are taken by BWSSB/BBMP/LDA that prevents this undesirable tamasha. CAG can keep indicting; people will do what they do best - defecate and encroach at will; govt. / govt. agencies will do what they do best - react when there is a hue and cry (otherwise ignore) and spend taxpayers money unwisely. No point unless there is proactive planning and implementation. Now, if we are talking to BWSSB ...

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1 click is all it takes, only 10 people so far

It can't get easier than this, you select a lake, and click 1 button, and and email goes to CAG recommending a Bangalore lake for their study.

We only have 10 clicks on the button so far, need more. Show your concern for our lakes if you do care about them.

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excellent idea!

I too have sent out the mail.  Why not try this out for so many of the other issues too? I'll draft one on clearing of footpaths.

Muralidhar Rao
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 I sent out the email. Thank you Pranav for setting this up.  Strongly recommend people send out the email and select Bellandur lake.  This is one of our most studied lakes.  There is a wealth of data in the scientific literature, plus this lakes manifests problems that are present in all other lakes.


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Open only to registered users

To save CAG's email id from spam/flood, and also to make sure we can provide correct unique email addresse on each submission, this form is open only for registered users of website.

Once you click the form, it sends a mail to CAG, picking your lake, and with the following message. Your email id (as registered with Praja, shown to you on the form) is also sent to CAG.

Dear Sir,

 I am a resident of Bangalore.  As you may be aware, Bangalore has several lakes along the natural valleys for rain water drainage in the city.  Unfortunately, these lakes are suffering from huge pollution issues (among other issues such as land encroachment) that we would like to bring to you attention for the proposed water audit. As an example, please take the case of the Bellandur lake

1. A big fraction of Bangalore's sewage finds its way to this lake, partly thoguh serwer lines and partly through the storm water drainage channels which are adjacent to leaking sewage lines.  Only a fraction of this sewage inflow is treated resulting in pollution of the lake water.

2. As you are aware, sewage often contains industrial waste also, which enters the lake. Documented scientific studies have looked at issues such as heavy metal contamination in this lake habitat

3. In addition, it is well known that many industries dump chemical and other liquid wastes into the lake water. I have personally seen items like broken tubelights  dumped at the ingress to this lake

4. The areas surrounding the lake are now a place for dumping construction / demolition debris

5. Many unregulated private water supply agencies extract contaminated water from location in close proximity to the lake and supply to neighboring apartments and residences that do not have proper piped city water supply.  A case in the lok adalat by the village of Bellandur demanding BWSSB water supply due to contamination of their water wells is a ready reference of the impact.

Kindly consider this lake as a prime example to illustrate the woes of the lakes of Bangalore

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