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A dangerous Strain of corruption

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Peenya in Bangalore is a renowned Industrial area of the IT city. Being an Industrial area processing of polluting Industrial wastes is a crucial issue. There are set standards for classifying any industry’s pollution factor in three zones A, B, C etc, in decreasing order of polution. If the pollution is anywhere in A zone which is non permissible such establishment will loose its license. The A zone Industries have thus become a good source of corruption. This is the “A” strain of corruption which is dangerous indeed.

I got an important feeler indicating that the systematic organized corruption is on the rise with the latest BJP government a first for BJP in Karnataka. The BJP supporters have to take this with a pinch of salt. However the “A” type strain of corruption is a no no type for any party.

Today’s TOI report by Jayashree Nandi and Arati R was a coincidence. Please read it the article “Sipping Poison”.




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Clean water

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 As we all fight pollution and corruption (pollution of the mind) let us also seek some simple solutions such as this one

We should also continue to monitor this story till it reaches its logicl conclusion, of no pollution of our surface water and groundwater sources comment guidelines

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