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“Sovereign, Citizen, Subject: An exploration of the relationship between the people and the state”

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26 Nov 2013 17:30

Daksh is organizing a lecture on “Sovereign, Citizen, Subject: An exploration of the relationship between the people and the state” by Usha Ramanathan, at 5.30 PM on Tuesday,  November 26, 2013 at NGMA, Manikavelu Mansion, Palace Road, Bangalore. Please find the attached invitation for the event.

Brief introduction of Usha Ramanathan:

Dr. Usha Ramanathan is an internationally recognized expert on law and poverty. She studied law at Madras University, Nagpur University and Delhi University. She is a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies and teaches environmental law, labour law and consumer law at the Indian Law Institute and is a regular guest professor at many universities around the world.

She is a frequent adviser to non-governmental organisations and international organizations. She is a member of Amnesty International's Advisory Panel on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and has been called upon by the World Health Organisation as an expert on mental health on various occasions. Dr Ramanathan is also the South Asia Editor of the Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD Journal), a peer-reviewed academic journal jointly published by IELRC and SOAS.

Her research interests include human rights, displacement, torts and environment. In particular, she has devoted her attention to a number of specific issues such as the Bhopal gas disaster, the Narmada valley dams or slum eviction in Delhi.

We look forward to meet you and kindly send your confirmation (RSVP) to  

Request you to forward this invitation to others who may be interested.

Yours sincerely, Daksh

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Address proofing simplified via Aadhar & the postal system

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Across our country, the process of compiling electoral rolls is capricious and unreliable. As such, either by accident or by design many a conscientious citizen is denied his or her fundamental right to vote. Neither the postmortems nor the dialectics that rage in the aftermath the elections have been able to throw up any viable solution

I've captured the essence of this frustrating and irksome situation in my blogpost "A Postal Vote for Aadhar - Our birthright" at

I've suggested that amidst the hoop, hoopla and diatribes that surround UIDAI's Aadhar, the situation could be redeemed if the thumbprints captured by the Aadhar biometrics could be cross-linked to ones residential address via the Election Commissioner (EC) and verified through our good old postal system.

For this to happen the UIDAI, the office of the CEC and the Ministry of C&IT would have to come together in some form or the other. Opinions on whether this is feasible or not as seen under the comments section of the post, vary more towards the positive.

How could we take this forward, one way or the other? 

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