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akrama sakrama

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Urban Development

dear all,


not sure how many are aware that the UDD has broadcast rules for the new akrama sakrama regularisation bill ( as attached).

objections need to be filed before end of jan.

in  a nutshell over an dbaove building law violations( far and setbacks) zonal and land use violations are also to be regularised.

i wonder what would be the point fo having a masterplan 2031 excecise going on , when there is really nothing to plan since all rules are broken and regularised anyway.  



UDD 556 MYAPRA 2013.pdf737.6 KB


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talkof anarchy

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What is sacrosanct about 19.10.13? What about violations commenced after that date, in progress as on that date, and completed after that date? I suppose that will be covered under a similar 2015 bill.

If I understand correctly, when more or less the same bill was introduced by the BJP government, the Governor (his Excellency, mind you!) sent it back repeatedly. And, now when the Congress government brings it forward, he is "pleased" to sanction it.

If you ask me this is anarchy, and not what AK staged in Delhi.

Muralidhar Rao
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please find below text  my version of objections to the akrama sakaram rules.

anyone who feels strongly about this issue is free to use this ,. modify , add etc and send in their own name /organisations name.

Have included an e  mail contact in text of attachment( principal secretary UDD   ).

but of course the old world of "acknowldged hard copy " is best if one has to use the document for future legal actions. 

as i mentioned if anyone feels strongly about it , at least bung in an objection.

and 31st is last date for objections.


cheers ,




The Principal Secretary to Government

Urban Development Department,

Vikasa Soudha

Bangalore 56001


 Subject: Objections filed under:

Notification    No: UDD 566 MyAPRa 2013, Bangalore, Dated 31/12/2013



With reference to the above notification please find below detailed objections to the draft of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (Regulation of Unauthorised Development or Construction) Rules 2013..


It is expected that these objections are taken seriously and reasons communicated in the public domain for any of the objections are not incorporated   in the final rules.


A)Overall legality of the scheme

1.The Metropolitan planning committee (MPC) having been established, the planning of the city, including land use, must be routed through this statutory body, and cannot be passed by the State government independently.

2. The matter at hand is subjudice in the High Court of Karnataka, via various Public Interest litigations .The High Court in an interim judgement had stayed collection of fees under this scheme. No effort has been made by the Government of Karnataka to either seek clarifications of the high court or vacate interim orders

3. The lack of punitive measures against officials is a wanton omission. Regularising violations must go hand-in-hand with this. The act allowed for this. Rules need to necessarily incorporate all sections of the scheme and cannot be cherry picked.

4 Violations of building plans cause hardship to neighbours, and the government has no locus standi to excuse this on their behalf. Their consent must be sought. This is a fundamental right and cannot be overlooked..

5. The entire masterplan /comprehensive development plan (CDP) processes, either in the past or future is nullified by this scheme. Regularisation of the kind proposed is the anti-thesis of a planned city/town.

6. The government has never shown good faith in ending illegal constructions. Each iteration of its effort has led to a new 'cut-off' date. No effort has been made on the ground or in terms of process after the first proposal and introduction of Sec 76FF .It can be decoded that this is just a money making scheme without any regard to a planned city , which is the tenant of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act.


B)    Specific items of the rules


1.     Regularisation fees are to be borne by the owner of the property. In the case of apartments this essentially lets the builder, who would be the principal party that has caused an illegality, goes scot free. The scheme as envisaged lets big violators and builders off the hook.

 2. Levels of “allowed violations” are arbitrary and without data backing. No effort has been done to either establish levels of violations or extents of violations.

3. The rules and act are very vague of action that would be taken against buildings that are not eligible for regularisation. There has been nothing stopping the government authorities, to take action under law against large scale violators. This again demonstrates that the scheme is designed to just collect money, without emphasis on major violators.

4. The process of scrutinising and allowing violations is faulty. The same officials who have allowed these illegalities to occur are the ones entrusted to condone /sanction violations. This severely compromises the integrity of the process.

5, There is a lack of transparency in the scrutiny process. All applications for regularisation should be in public domain with all details. It should be open to the general public for scrutiny and for comments from the neighbourhood as to the veracity of disclosed details in the application.

6. The parameters for allowing violations are faulty. The requirement of adequate parking, laid down by law, is not considered. Therefore a building exceeding FAR or with zonal violations can be regularised irrespective of whether the building has adequate parking. This essentially compromises on public property and roads, where such parking will occur. Elsewhere in the rules, violations in use of basement as per plans are not allowed (which is mostly for parking).The rules are inconsistent for building without basements sanctioned for parking.

7. The fees are the same for a violator who has violated recently, to someone who has enjoyed the fruits of violations for many years. This is illogical.




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letter sent

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Today being the last day, I have e-mailed out an official letter, more or less on the above lines, which will be followed by a hard copy by registered post tomorrow.

Muralidhar Rao
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Madras High Court's sakrama for Ooty

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The Madras High Court has directed the Commissioner, Ooty Municipality, to complete demolition of illegal constructions in the famous hill station within two months. 
- - - "Post 2007, there are stated to be 107 unauthorized constructions. Within this two-month period, the Corporation will take final action - that is if it is compoundable offence it has to be compounded and if it is beyond the compoundable limits or compounding is not paid, demolition will follow.
- - - The bench in its interim order of October 15 directed the authorities to prepare a Google map which would identify their exact position so that none could claim in future that the construction existed before the said date. 
For the full text of the highly readable report in the Business Standard, click here.
This looks like a path-breaking order. Does Namma BBMP want to wait for the Karnataka High court to issue a similar order, or will it do its job on its own?
Muralidhar Rao
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"unauthorised construction" - now a top issue for citizens

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Garbage clearance, traffic congestion, unauthorized construction, slum clearance and rehabilitation and facility for pedestrians and cyclists top the issues which bother Bangaloreans, says a survey across the city's 28 assembly constituencies. Both educated and uneducated respondents have voiced similar opinions on the issues. Interestingly, the top five issues are the same for both men and women.
For the full text of the report in the ToI, click here.
So, "unauthorised construction" is now beginning to be seen as a serious issue by the public. And, significantly, Transport minister B Ramalinga Reddy's (who is besides in charge of the city) score of 2.43, under this head is the lowest for all the MLA's, goinng by this ToI report
Muralidhar Rao
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Akrama starts with the government

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As the construction of government buildings do not need BBMP permission, they hardly leave any space for parking, he (BBMP counsel) said.
For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.
So, Akrama starts with the government.
As for solutions to the parking issue, there are plenty, which Prajagalu have detailed here. All that's required is the political will to implement whatever is best suited to the city. 
Muralidhar Rao
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Akrama unlimited

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The four-storey building came up right in full public view at Kaveri Layout in Koramangala and even a kid could make out that it has violated building bye-laws. - - -the owner - none other than Koramangala sub-division AEE, S H Pujari himself - - -  And, now an injunction order that has been issued (issued by a city civil court) to stop the demolition (order for which was issued by the Upa Lokayukta) pits Pujari against his boss: the municipal commissioner.

For the full text of the report in the Bangalore Mirror, click here.

The post made by me on 12th Nov'14 (scroll above), cited a newspaper report stating that "construction of government buildings do not need BBMP permission". If true, this perhaps needs to be challenged.

Now, it turns out that the BBMP officials are stretching that provision to include their individual property developments too, and in total violation of all norms.

Apparently, there's been no check on the limit to which BBMP and their lot would go - a total overhaul has been long overdue.

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