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spaces under flyovers

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action: numerous elevated corridors that have filled the city

reason : construction for metro rail, flyovers

induced reaction : enormous spaces below the flyovers

elaborated: the metro corridors that have filled bangalore and felled trees have GIANT columns that span a distance of 80 ft from each other and have a diameter ranging from 15 to 30ft ( some whic we measured for a case study for educational purposes) . these spaces are sooo huge and big that it could be made multifunctional starting from landscaping them to actually making them commercial spaces or just using them for parking. Also they be made into cafes or makeshift bookstores.

question: what exactly can be done with these spaces?




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Greeining spaces is a good option

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I think that spaces under flyover ramps or Metro viaducts cannot be commercialized within the city since they will obstruct flow along moving lanes.

The best use is probably to position public utilities such as transformers, telephone cable terminal boxes, access manholes for drainage & water supply isolating valves & such others that usually obstruct sidewalks.

Landscaping & greeining these areas can be next on the priority. At some locations that are cramped, some areas can be allocated for parking, though they are likely to obstruct traffic.

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Terminating Bus Stops!!

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With little effort, the space under the flyovers can be converted into bus stops. And the best part of having bus stops there is that they can serve as being interchanges with other buses that take the surface level road.

The space under the flyovers can be the best place to start & terminate local feeders. Take something like Dairy circle or any other four lane flyover. There is enough space under the flyover to park 4 buses (two each on either side of the junction). So, I would like to believe that there is enough space to run about 8-10 buses (with upto 4 being parked, and 4 -6 running!!) to nearby places in all directions!!

The bus parking bay should be made closer to the junction, where the 'height' of the flyover/ flyover ramp is the highest. Farther away from junction, the ramp will mean that the height of the space underneath is lower and that can be a good place for a public urinal. Not just that it helps the drivers and conductors of the buses, but the general public.

With many new flyovers being being built on the ORR, having a clear paln for utilisation of space under the flyovers would be most welcome.

-Srivatsava V

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Landscaping /Greening.. Err NO!!

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Naveen, I would agree to landscaping, just for the reason that the authorities have their own priorities in doing so!!

In Bangalore, landscaping is not done at the cost of BDA/BBMP, who build the flyovers. They are just outsourced to advertising agencies who are give the space free of cost for landscaping and they put up an ad or their own agency name by putting in a few thousand rupees for landscaping.

I have no problems with this, but just that the lanscaped areas are also barricaded. This will mean that pedestrians will face the 'landscaped' obstacle for them to cross the road. Imagine a junction like Dairy circle, where there is no waiting bay for peds as they cross the left turn lane and look to cross the slip road.

It is better to create safe standing bays for pedestrians than put 10 blades of grass and call ourselves 'green'!!


Btw, I do agree that putting in the public utility 'controls' that Naveen has listed would be great!!

-Srivatsava V

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Busstops under ramps - Logistically difficult

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Bus stops under flyovers would require buses with doors on the right side, unless they are bus terminals & space is sufficient for a bus to halt perpendicularly, below the flyover ramp (Arrangements have to be such that bus entry /exits do not face the open moving traffic lanes, else, commuters moving in /out of buses will be exposed to danger from moving vehicles).

Commuter access to /from streets to the levels below or above, as in the case of 3-tier underpass-cum-flyover such as Dairy circle, will require stairways (or lifts /escalators) that might not be easy to build & will also pour people out amidst fast moving traffic.

Besides, people will also be moving toward or away from such busstops in the center of the flyover from all four arms of the flyover ramp/s. This is unsafe, unless pedestrian safety is incorporated by modifying the ramp sides with barricaded sidewalks that include provisions for changing levels easily, such as lifts.

Greening does not mean barricading the entire length under ramps or viaducts. Pedestrian crossings will also be incorporated inbetween such as the ones that already exist under Richmond road flyover & Silkboard junction flyover.

It is customary for such green spaces to be leased for maintenance in exchange for revenue & some advertising rights - it happens all over the world & brings in revenues to city corpns.

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Will post pics from Dairy circle!!

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I have been contemplating a post on having a bus stop underneath the Dairy circle flyover (at surface level) for the last couple of months. I havent till-date not found the time ( or interest!! ) to stop by to take the pictures to prove its practicality.

Will capture a few picture early next week and post them soon!!

-Srivatsava V

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Other uses

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How about creating a "hawkers boulevard"? Or, multi-storied (to the bottom of structure above with minimum clearances) parking? Car / disabled parking at ground with higher fees and 2-wheeler/ lighter vehicles above so that light-weight, "cheap" parking lots can be built?
 Or, ideally a combination, with greenery in hawkers / pedestrians' areas and may be some greenery (smaller plants, hanging pots etc.), advertising in the parking areas.

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Hawkers boulevard will have problems

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How do we address pedestrian movement & safety ? In Mumbai, the long Andheri flyover on western express highway (spanning over three junctions) was initially planned with commercialization below, but this plan had been abandonned after more detailed scrutiny when they realized that there would be a lot of problems with people crossing traffic lanes if shops or parking were allowed below the flyover.

If pedestrian access to the area is via an overhead pedestrian crossing, with barricades for the area beneath (to prevent people jay walking or crossing the traffic lanes), shops can be put up, but such commercialization would mar the appearance of flyovers & lead to further congestion.

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Hawkers boulevard is possible

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Hawkers boulevard is possible between intersections. The shops can end (say) 100 m short of an intersection so people are discouraged to jaywalk. As an alternate, they can "curl" around the intersection and there can be appropriate pedestrian crossing in the intersecting road (again slightly away from the intersection). Crude sketch below. o - shops / hawkers. X - ped crossing

                     o |_____| o
                     o |__X__| o
                     o |          | o
                     o |          | o
ooooooooooo  |          | ooooooooooooo
-------------------           -----------------------
Road ->
-------------------           -----------------------

Or, in mixed hawker / parking, people will take their vehicle and park in the next boulevard, etc. For example, all hawkers on the footpath along M.G. road can be moved to the opposite end (along parade ground boulevard below metro piers.
Options are always available, just need the "dreaded" will, vision, planning ;-). Unfortunately, for the Indian mindset, theft-proof barricades are a necessity.

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This is actual usage what you see

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 This picture is taken where newly built Hosur Road Rd Flyover branches to Electronic City Phase 2. 

In the first picture you see a mobile canteen, auto and cab parking.

In the second picture below you see is kids play area, cabs parked, a cow taking rest(not clear though) and what you not see is person relieving backside of cab.




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