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ABIDe pins high hopes on new reforms blueprint for Bengaluru

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The chief minister's ABIDe task force released Plan Bengaluru 2020, calling it a 'dynamic document'. Alas, all this with no city council yet.

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On January 14th this year, Rajya Sabha MP and Convenor of the Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development (ABIDe) task force, Rajeev Chandrasekhar released the Plan Bengaluru 2020, a 160-page document, in the presence of the chief minister. A list of actions items emerging from the plan is published here.

Described as a 'dynamic document', Plan Bengaluru 2020 has been "produced for ABIDe and presented to the government", says Chandrasekhar. ABIDe task force members claim that Plan Bengaluru 2020 is a blueprint for the broad set of policies and laws that the city requires to push certain reforms forward. Written in English, it contains sections on governance, traffic management, heritage, environment and sustainability, public health, education and so on. The document is currently being printed in Kannada. The content for this plan has also been taken from previous ABIDe reports on urban poor, heritage, roads, traffic management and transportation, and governance.


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PRAJA's relevance

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Members of ABIDe are looking to make as many people, Resident Welfare Associations, legislators, politicians, media "aware of this document as a potential solution to the challenges of our city and as a roadmap for the next few years of decision making and planning", says Chandrasekhar. He however did not respond to a question on how the document itself will be widely circulated to receive public feedback. Neither does the list of action items say anything about public consultations being planned.

Well, perhaps that's where PRAJA comes in. What better way to debate than over PRAJA?

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Priority but not dedicated bus lane is confusing

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 I read the article. They say Priority, but not dedicated lane for Big10. This is confusing. I think they are talking of Bus Lanes in London and not dedicated lanes like Curitiba or Bogota.

Since India, especially Bangalore is very weak in enforcing the traffic  rules, I never think it can happen the London way. Good at the paper level.. comment guidelines

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