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Moving The Finish Line The Bangalore Way

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Sticking with it for over a decade now, to get a pioneering legal framework setup and then going on to implement the country's first greenfield airport project, BIAL's Albert Brunner has shown that he's a lambe race ka ghoda. But with Bangalore continuously moving the finish line, he's having a horrible time pacing the race.

BIAL jumped the starting line, and raced with a 50 lakh passengers/year estimate until Praful Patel said, yo wait, slow down, its already 70 lakh p/y. BIAL went back updated phase I expecting 1 crore p/y and again picked up speed. And now, even as the ticker crosses the 77% mark, as they get to the last lap, the number 2 crore p/y is staring them in the eyes. We now have a 2 year window, after which even the new BIAL will begin to fill up. But unlike last time, this time, it was Brunner who saw the numbers first and moved the finish line himself. BIAL now expects to build a second runway by 2014. He's getting a hang of it, I'd say. :)

The complete master plan of BIAL, has two 4kms long runways and an overall capacity of atleast 4 crore p/y. 4 crore p/y is a large number, if Bangalore reaches that mark it will break into the top 20 airports in the world in terms of passenger handling. And Brunner expects to get there not before 2040, well, lets see ... comment guidelines

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