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BIAL Connectivity Updates Jan 2008

This month's connectivity updates begin with statements from the traffic police about their plans for the Bellary road including, banning U-turns & right turns on the road, and pictures and a trip report to devanahalli on the alternative routes to bellary road by maritimer of SSC.


Meanwhile, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) K.C. Ramamurthy said plans had been drawn up to ensure uninterrupted flow of traffic from the High Grounds Police Station junction to the airport via Hebbal flyover on Bellary Road, which is also a National Highway.

There would be no provision for right turns or U-turns right through this stretch. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike would construct underpasses at certain junctions, as suggested by the traffic police, to enable motorists take such turns.

Series of Underpasses

“Until the underpasses are constructed, we will put necessary signage and regulate the traffic,” he said.

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, the Department of Public Works and the National Highways Authority of India had already started the work on barricading the entire stretch of road on both the sides, Mr. Ramamurthy said.

“We are working on installing traffic signboards and hoardings on the entire stretch of the road connecting the airport from the city,” he added.

Source: The Hindu ( Police Brace up For Security At Devanahalli Airport )

maritimer@ssc's trip to Devanahalli

maritimer drove from Hennur-ORR junction on SH104 through Bagalur and hit the BIAL compound wall in about 25 mins (22 kms roughly). On the return journey, maritimer continued along the BIAL compound wall toward Budigere to reach NH4 junction in about 15 mins (23 kms).

"The 2-lane newly upgraded roads are the green ones. NH7 and NH207 in red. ORR in blue."

Source: maritimer@skyscrapercity


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BIAL expressway back in focus..

 Now from HRBR layout..the govt is trying to revive the expressway project!

more here

NHAI is also planning a elevated road from Hebbal to trumphet jn..isnt that enough?

Why this at all? Btw is the current route so bad that we need a dedicated expressway? thought we still have time..atleast 4-5 years..and the elevated road should be good enough..

NH4 is getting one..hosur road is getting one..and let Hyd(Nh7) road get one too!

Wonder whats happening on the HSRL end!

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thanks syed for the heads up. anybody who can give us the skinny on ATCs? is there any techinical justification as to why BIAL went for this, given BLR and its climate?
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BIAL will have CAT-I Instrument ?

Coutsey: BANGALORE: The new Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), set to take-off on March 30, will carry the problems that plague the present HAL airport when operations shift to Devanahalli. Frequent flyers have to manage with the maddening traffic on Bellary Road and be prepared for last minute cancellations and delays due to bad weather, as the airport is not equipped with the latest instruments. Like many old airports, the international airport at Devanahalli will have CAT-I Instrument Landing System (ILS). The system requires minimum Runway Visibility Range (RVR) of 1200 metres, which is of little help to land an aircraft in bad weather, especially during fog when RVR will be much less. The HAL airport has the same CAT-I, system and every winter it faces major problems of maintaining flight schedules during fog. The BIAL maintains that the selection of visual aids to be provided at the airport depend primarily on the visibility conditions under which it intends to conduct operations and on the type of aircraft. "The new airport is equipped with precision approach category system 1 known as CAT I which is in accordance with requirement for Bangalore," said a BIAL official. Aviation experts, however, differ with the BIAL logic of going for the old system. "Bangalore weather has changed drastically and air traffic is increasing. We need CAT II ILS to ensure hasslefree flying throughout the year," he said. Mumbai has CAT II and New Delhi airport is equipped with CAT III ILS. The air traffic at HAL airport is very heavy. It handles a take-off or landing every two minutes. The number will increase once the operations shift to BIAL, which justifies having CAT-II ILS, which costs a little more. "It will be very difficult for the new airport to change from CAT I to CAT II at later stage, as they will have only one runway till 2011-12. For CAT II, they need to put runway centre lighting system,"an expert said. While, air travellers will continue to suffer, the BIAL is preparing to deliver yet another blow to them in the form of user charge. Before facing these problems, people have to first mend their way through the traffic on Bellary Road. The road-widening work is continuing, but is unlikely to be ready by the time airport is operational. Even after widening, the roads will not be free of bottlenecks and people coming from South Bangalore will suffer the traffic, especially during peak hours. USER CHARGES: The BIAL is planning to impose user charges on those travelling from the new airport. While it will be Rs 675 for domestic passengers, international passengers have to shell out Rs 955-plus. If the Ministry of Civil Aviation approves the BIAL proposal, Bangalore will be the first airport in India to impose such steep user charges. The BIAL claims that revenue generated from the user charges is important for airport operations. The Authority, however, has not clarified why it is collecting user charges from people. TRAFFIC PROBLEM: Even if the Bellary Road is widened it will not be free from bottlenecks, especially at Hebbal Flyover. It will take nearly two hours for people from South Bangalore to the airport during peak hours. Though the State Government is planning to have high-speed rail links, it will take time to put the project on track.
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Airport Expressway A Waste?

‘Airport expressway is a wasted effort’ TIMES NEWS NETWORK Jan 23, 2008 Members of the Devanahalli Airport Expressway Association staged a dharna on Tuesday against the present alignment of the highway and alleged that it was not as per the Masterplan - 2015. Association president M T Rajareddy said the project, costing a whopping Rs 500 crore, will be a failure. Most people will use Bellary Road to reach Devanahalli and the expressway will be useful to only 20% of the air passengers, he said. “Following the poor response for tenders for the project, the government is trying to get the NHAI to push it through. The finalized alignment will displace a large number of residents and two lakes — Chelekere and Boyalahalli — will be destroyed,’’ he said. The authorities have changed the alignment five times and the present alignment passes through populated areas. However, the Hennur-Bagalur Road, Nagavara Road and Bellary Road are available for widening, he added. The government should appoint an experts to examine the need for an expressway, the members suggested. Existing roads can be widened to accommodate traffic heading to Devanahalli instead of inconveniencing a large number of citizens by displacing them and spending a huge sum on it. Later, the members submitted a memorandum at the office of governor Rameshwar Thakur.
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Connectivity Updates

* Deccan's Helicopter Service To BIAL
Center Agrees To Airport Expressway & PRR in principle.
* Bangaloreans Disaaprove Of Both The Airport Expressway & The PRR Both in principle and in concept.

Deccan's Helicopter Service To BIAL
Source: Hindu ( Deccan to launch copter service in Bangalore )

The Deccan Aviation to launch a helicopter shuttle from the city to carry passengers to the new international airport which will take about eight minutes from the central business district and about 20 minutes from the Electronic City which houses IT giants such as Infosys and Wipro.

Capt Gopinath said the passengers can board the helicopter at the helipads located in UB City, Palace Grounds and at the Electronic City. The helicopter shuttle will start on March 30 this year, when the international airport will be officially opened for traffic.

“The helicopter service will be for those who are not price conscious but for those for whom time is money,” Capt Gopinath said.

Initially, the airline plans to use two Bell seven-seater helicopters to carry passengers and more will be pressed into service once the traffic increases.

Both Air Deccan as well as Kingfisher Airlines will also start city check-ins for their passengers who will also be taken to the airport in special buses.

Center Agrees To Airport Expressway & PRR in principle
Source: Deccan Herald (Green signal for expressway)

The Centre has agreed in principle to implement the proposed expressway to the new international airport and the peripheral ring road in Bangalore. The final decision in this regard will be taken on January 23 when a meeting of National Highway Authority (NHA) officials has been convened. The State Executive Committee headed by Governor Rameshwar Thakur recently decided to handover these long-pending projects to NHA.

While the State Government proposes to acquire the land, the project will be implemented by NHA.

Besides, to ensure smooth traffic flow to the new airport, NHA has plans to construct additional flyovers, underpasses and service roads, wherever necessary, on the existing six-lane road from Hebbal to Devanahalli.

Bangaloreans Disaaprove Of Both The Airport Expressway & The PRR Both in principle
Source: Deccan Herald ( Expressway plan comes in for flak , PRR: Owners refuse to part with property )

Airport Expressway
Protesters against the proposed expressway from Outer Ring Road to international airport raised their voice on Tuesday, targeting the purpose behind the 21.2-km road.

Around 500 affected villagers, NGO representatives and other protesters — under the banner of Devanahalli Airport Expressway Association — came together at the Hennur traffic signal on ORR to slam what they called a project that would “waste” public money.

“While we are also concerned about the lack of connectivity between the City and the airport, the focus should be on ensuring multi-connectivity to and from all directions, since the airport is required for all the Bangaloreans,” said Raja Reddy, who helmed the protest.

Representatives of the affected NGOs including Home of Hope, Karnataka Rehabilitation Centre and Kutumba also joined in the protest. The protestors claimed that the road would displace thousands of people and around eight NGOs, apart from damaging the Challakere and Boyalahalli lakes. The affected property owners are also planning to file two more Public Interest Litigations opposing the road.

Protesters have suggested as alternatives widening and strengthening of existing feeder roads and an elevated dedicated highway on Bellary Road. Reddy said Tuesday’s protest was more about Bangaloreans protesting a non-viable project than affected villagers protesting loss of property.

The protestors later went to Raj Bhavan and sought the Governor’s intervention.The expressway is proposed to pass through villages including Banaswadi, Challakere, Horamavu Agara, Kylasanahalli, Dodda Gubbi, Chikka Gubbi, Bagalur and Byrathi. The road has been making news after property owners alleged that its alignment was changed five times. The State had recently handed the road over to the National Highways Authority of India.

Property owners affected by the proposed Peripheral Ring Road (Part I) have reiterated their opposition to the long-pending road, citing concerns over human displacement and lack of administrative transparency.

Members of the Telecom  and Maruthinagar Second Division Nivasigala Kshemavridhi Sangha on Wednesday sought “justice” and claimed that the Bangalore Development Authority had changed the road’s alignment to suit the interests of politicians and influential persons. On July 3, 2007, the BDA had issued a final notification to acquire 1,810 acres of land for the road (Part I)  on Tumkur Road, Old Madras Road and Hosur Road.

The allegations come a day after those protesting against the proposed expressway from Outer Ring Road to Devanahalli raised similar concerns. The State had recently handed over both the PRR and the expressway to the NHAI.

The property owners from more than 25 villages - including Madanayakanahalli, Kempapura, Harohalli, Venkatala, Kogilu, Bidrahalli and Sulakunte - said that the road could lead to a “Nandigram-like” situation. “The road will displace thousands of people and affect the livelihood of hundreds of farmers,” said the Association’s President Shankar.

The protesters claimed that the alignment was changed from the original alignment “in collusion” with politicians and well-connected people. The protesters also pointed out that the 117-km road, in its present alignment, would affect the Arkavathi riverbed in five villages. The members of the association are planning to brief K H Muniyappa, Union Minister of State for Road Transport, on the issue.

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Connectivity from other cities

I think the directions to the Airport from other cities should be discussed. Best routes for people coming to the airport from Mysore/Coorg, Tumkur and Kolar.


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trees -> birds -> engine failures

blrsri's comments on trees corridor... It cannot be denied that we need lot of tree cover in and around the airport. But there was a thought about the recent boeing engine faliure at Heathrow was due to multiple bird hits(flock of birds, they say) to the aircraft! Jet engines are very vulnerable for bird hits! Small fruit trees lead to nesting of birds..small fruits..smaller birds..sparrows!? Think this is fine.. Large trees will lead to bigger avian friends, like the eagles, nesting..they might be a potential hazard for both themselves as well as the airplanes! So, small trees probably would be the way to go..even the flowering ones should be good! Did I hear 'honge'! :)
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thanks raj. with every picture i see of the interiors, i am beginning to like the way the roof looks from inside the airport. i know it looks like a dabba from air, but from inside it looks like a koti rupaayee.
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Some more pics... more pics Thanks anita for posting the pics..!!
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BIAL Jan 13 Pictures

BIAL as of Jan 13. Picture taken by toufeeq@flickr during the Bangalore International Airport Run (click on the images for bigger pictures.) terminal terminal airside atc parking & access road from atc
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Source: Deccan Herald epaper Jan 11, 2007 Underpasses to be ready by Feb


Palike has decided to complete two underpasses within January 31.
Work on Cauvery Junction underpass will begin on January 16,and be completed on January 19
Work on Windsor Manor underpass will begin on January 28 which be completed byJanuary 31

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Bellary Road spruce up - lights

BBMP is doing big time lights (cost 2.8 crores) from Hebbal Flyover upto Bagalur cross road. See tender:
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Will shortly do the NH207 route from Whitefield

Next weekend or Jan 27, but for sure. Will post pics.
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Sangliana's road?

Think the Bagalur road is the one that Sangliana put up.. Only if all our politicians were as upright and lived up to fullfill their promises! comment guidelines

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