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Quick Metro updates

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Metro Rail

Prajagale' - two quick metro updates from last week.

1) Yeddy has asked BMRC to study extending Metro from Byappanhalli to BIA (airport at Devenahalli). Suhas sir had mentioned this in his review of CTTP here. Source: Express Buzz and other papers also.

2) I saw in newspapers that BMRC has floated tender for work on two stations. RV Road and one more at Jayanagar. Cost mentioned foreach of them was about Rs 61 crores.

Namma metro, bega ba. Quotes:

The government is toying with an idea to extend metro rail services up to the Bengaluru International Airport by making certain changes in the existing alignment. As per the proposed plan, metro rail will be extended from Bayappanahally Railway Station to Yelahanka and from there to the Airport.K V Raju, Economic Advisor to Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, is said to have mooted the idea as it would be cost-effective as well as help decongest traffic by transporting a huge number of people travelling towards the airport and nearby places.

About station tender, link gottilla. See epaper.


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what does the govt want to do?

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Todays paper shouts "HSRL from MG road and having CAT stations"

and then the above report of KV Raju which talks of extending metro instead of the HSRL

Airport train at half the price is the way to go!

But then Railways will come and not allow them to use their tracks! 

..and dont we love big headlines about bloated dreams?! 

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Kankana sutti Mylara

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Train link to Yelahanka and extension upto BIAL from Byappanahalli is like beating around the bush (kankana sutti mylara in kannada). As per Phase 2 plans, Yelahanka should get Metro directly. Why not start Phase 2 now itself and extend the line from BYPL to Kadugodi instead. Nobody would be interested to goto BYPL to reach Yelahanka and BIAL. comment guidelines

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