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Asphalt Milling? whats that?

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So its a tale of two roads where tar is being relaid in our city now..

  • Double road/KH road which has a new coat of tar
  • Mysore road flyover where the road is being relaid

KH road work started last week and a nice thick coat of tar is already laid. However the Mysore road flover work started 2 weeks ago and is not half done yet!

So which is better? On the face value, the KH road seems to worked upon well..but is it really so?

2 inches of tar today and 2 inches in the next two years and the road will be in the same level as the footpath! The utility manholes like that of sewage will go under!

Instead on the mysore road flyover they are doing 'asphalt milling' as preparation to laying the road. This means that about 2.5 inch thickness of road is being scrapped off and being prepared to relay the road.

Sure it takes a little longer than the usual asphalting job..but its the most desirable and scientific way to do it!

Why doesnt BBMP do this asphalt milling on all roads? Why do they do it so dumb?



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Because they are dumb, they

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Because they are dumb, they are incompetent and we pay them money to spoil our city

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or is it labor related?

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So is it the milling process that is slowing down the road asphalting works on the flyover?

I see that the way it is being done is..there are laborers on their knees with hand brushes cleaning up the milled prep it for laying the coat of asphalt!

Its really crazy to see people still practice archiac methods in the hot sun..

So if there is some mechanisation will surely go a long way in faster and better road laying process..and if they talk of those workers loosing jobs..I am sure its a lame there is no dearth for jobs in this city..

Was wondering if Mr Manivannan can have some influence on this change!

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Precast concrete slabs

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My office some days of the week is in New Bombay.  On the Bombay - Pune highway that goes here, the road is being relaid using precast concrete slabs.  the casting site is nearby.  Work is happening really fast and it looks like this road will last for a few decades.

BBMP is a potent mix of incompetence and corruption.  They can only see pork barrel projects that fatten contractors from whom they can make a cut.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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pre-requisites for milling?

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Was thinking about one more reason for BBMP not going in for milling process. As we understand milling will take away about 1-2 inches of asphalt and prepare the road for a new coat.

However was wondering that this scraping away should ideally expose the 'bed' which was originally laid before asphalting..this ideally would be a hard surface (concrete?) which would take care of all stress related issues among others like permeability..

Normal roads in blr have layers and layers of tar with no good 'bed' anywhere..hence this could be the reason why they dont do milling..

Tendersure roads seem to be a good solution for this..maybe they can reuse the 'bed' laying tech from there..and then top it with tar/ will work out cheaper too

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yeah you mill our roads you

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yeah you mill our roads you will get muck (pun intended)

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It will be necessary in lot

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It will be necessary in lot of places like on flyovers, under flyovers, near metro line etc. where road surface height cannot be increased indefinitely. Over the flyovers there is need to maintain the weight due to structural requirements

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Not just flyovers/bridges but

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Not just flyovers/bridges but asphalt milling is needed on every road!

See the example below on the road which has been asphalted in the old method near DeveGowdas home on the way to Padmanabha Nagar.


The 6 inch tall median is reduced to 1 inch because of the height of the tar..

the manholes get covered..

Footpath is almost at the same level as road..vehichles can easily get on them

it will lead to flooding during rains

These are just few of the major problems we face because of putting up layer upon layer of tar..

Hope this habit breaks soon..btw the road on Mysore road flyover has been opened up for traffic after partial asphalting with initial milling process..its a dream road now! comment guidelines

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