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Tumkur-Chitradurga-Davangere new line

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Friends, We have got a railway line, from Bangalore to Mumbai via Tumkur, Arasikere, Davangere and Hubli and onwards.

Then we have got many trains running from Bangalore to Hubli, Mumbai on that route. From Tumkur the route takes a circuitous way. It goes to some interior places like Tiptur, Arasikere, Birur, and Chikkajajur and on to Davangere which is again on the mainline. We have got a National Highway running from Bangalore to Hubli on a different and shorter route and this is via Tumkur, Sira, Hiriyur, Chitradurga, Davangere and on to Hubli.

Map shows existing line and proposed new line.

  • The blue line shows proposed new line(Tumkur - Davangere)
  • The green line shows existing railway line.
  • Bangalore-Tumkur track is a double-line.

Distance from Bangalore - Chitradurga(on existing line 312 kms)
ie. Bangalore - chikajajur 279 + Chikajajur - Chitradurga 33 Kms.
Bangalore – Davangere 326 kms.
Bangalore – Hubli 469 kms.

By the proposed new line, the distance would be,

  • Bangalore - Chitradurga 205 kms (69+136)
  • Bangalore - Davangere 265 kms.
  • Bangalore - Hubli 409 kms.

Once this new line is ready, the most of the districts in Central Karnataka and North Karnataka will be benefited.

Currently, trains bound to Shimoga and Hubli from bangalore, use the same line upto Birur. Once the Tumkur-Chitradurga line is ready, there will be less traffic on that line. Also doubling work between Arasikere and Birur(45 km) is under progress, which will reduce the traffic to some extent.

MoS K H Muniyappa has assured funds for Tumkur-Chitradurga new Line in the next railway Budget.


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This year a sum of 13.48 Crores have been allotted on the above,At this rate it will take ages(Atleast 50 years) to complete the tumkur-Rayadurg Line.

Even the elected representatives from Sira ,Hiriyur under the leadership of najavadootha swami did a bandh last year after the maegre allotment last year.Lets see if the current railway minister would sanction the same under his period.

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Tumkur-Davangere line if state contribute half

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Mr. Muniyappa said that the Union Government was actively considering laying a direct railway line between Davangere and Bangalore via Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Sira and Tumkur. He said that if the State Government contributed half of the total project cost, the Railways would take up the project next year.

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New Davanagere-Bangalore route soon

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DAVANAGERE: A new railway line from Davanagere to Bangalore via Chitradurga-Sira and Tumkur will be formed soon, according to railway minister for state K H Muniyappa. He was addressing the gathering after inaugurating a national level cultural festival organized by Bharatiya Samskritika Academy as part of the 44th birthday celebrations of former minister S S Mallikarjun in Davangere on Wednesday evening. "Already, the survey work pertaining to the railway route has been completed and the work will be taken up at the earliest," Muniyappa assured. Besides, two railway underpasses near Davangere and Harihar will also be constructed at the earliest as per the appeal made by the district Congress members, he said.

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Reply from Office of MP Sri Janardhana Swamy, Chitradurga

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I sent an e-mail to Hon'ble MP Sri Janardhana Swamy, Chitradurga Lok Sabha Constituency regarding the above project and his PA replied to that. Copy of the mails.


Mr. Janardhana Swamy,
Member of Parliament,

Happy New Year!!!!

This is regarding Tumkur-Chitradurga-Davangere new railway line. I am writing this to bring to your notice that we would be having the railway budget in 2011 February and this is quite a short period to put pressure on the railway ministry towards this project, I can understand that.

In last year's budget this project got in-principle approval. Government of Karnataka has decided to share 50% cost of all the new lines and also decided to provide the land for the proposed railway projects free of cost.

I am willing to spend time and effort being a responsible citizen of karnataka and spread the word around in our social circles about the matters of importance. I am sure that with Mr. Muniyappa as MoSR, would give this matter due importance, if the same is submitted with the needed details.I am only writing to highlight the dream of people of Central and North Karnataka who shall be indebted to you for the same. I request your kind office to look into the matter.
Thanks and Regards,
Santosh F S

Hello Sir,
All the process were going on, a month ago the samiti members have conducted the press meet. The outcome is here with attached for your kind reference.
thanking you
Assistant to: Hon'ble MP Sri Janardhana Swamy, Chitradurga Lok Sabha Constituency

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Project got Planning commission's approval

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A significant hurdle to railway project overcome

Chitradurga-Bangalore railway link project gets the nod



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New Railway Line ????

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Just curious to know whether there would be an additional track laid between Bangalore and Tumkur for the new : Tumkur-Chitradurga-Davangere Line. (Already there exsists a double track between Bangalore to Tiptur) If there is a proposal for a third track I am sure there would be major deconstruction along side the existing tracks (specially near Tumkur railway station).

Is there a source, agency where this information could be obtained ?

Really would appreciate if some one shares more information.




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Hi Leo,Welcome to PRAJA

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Hi Leo,

Welcome to PRAJA !!

The new line is between Tumkur and Davangere via Sira, Hiriyur and Chitradurga. Go through the blog and map carefully. Only Bengaluru-Tumkur line is doubled. No plans are there for third track. My point was that the line will reduce the distance and traffic between Bengaluru and Hubli. Posting the resized map.

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Last year this line has got

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Last year this line has got approval from the Planning commission and Cabinet. Currently Final Location Survey(FLS) is under progress. Once that is done, railway board will enter it in pink book and ask the state government to acquire land.

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Thanks for the input

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Hi Santosh,


Thanks a lot for the response. I understood the point and the need to shorten the distance between BLR and Davangere.  My question was whether there would be a dedicated track for this new route between the 2 cities (apart from the existing double track between BLR and TMK).

Are you sure that there are no plans for the 3rd track ?(have heard some rumors in Tumkur though)

Who do you think would be able to confirm this? SW Railways??



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Tumkur Davanagare line?

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Dear frnds,

With regard to Tumkur - sira - davanagere line,

Have they finilised the line, I mean villages through which line passes, If yes, do anybody has information of the villages/sites/areas affected? If yes? kindly take some time and share those valuable information.

Thanks & Regards,
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