Meeting details of Bellandur lake Maintenance Event.

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The meeting started at 10AM sharp on 04July 2009 at the scheduled place. It was attended by Neeraj, Megha, Neha Usha Kiran, and Prakash.

My main point about the Lake was untreated sewage water being discharged in to the Lake. This discharge is due to the fact that for some reason the storm water drains carry a huge amount of sewage water 24/7. We need to meet the Authorities to bring this to their notice. We need to impress upon the authorities that putting a proper fence all round the Lake is vital in defining the boundaries of the lake and prevent encroachment. A proper survey of the entire property needs to be done to ensure that no encroachment has already taken place.

The second point was about setting up an engagement with BWSSB. All the members felt that we could adopt a Top down approach. Usha Kiran volunteered to be the facilitator for Praja engagement with BWSSB. We therefore requested Mrs Usha Kiran to kindly set up this event, which she readily accepted. 

All Praja members attending this meet will be recording their points separately as comments to this post. We are Looking forward for valuable comments from the rest of the praja community.



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Hi Everybdy,

Thanks a lots to Ananthram Sir .

Thanks a lots to Neeraj, Megha, Neha , and Prakash.Who ve  Attend the meeting

(Bellandur lake issue) .  Hope we will sort this  issue with higer officer . I ve already

spoken to few officer reagarding ths . They said they will inform me abt the officer i

have to conact . Hope we will go wth success.

Thank u

Have a nice day too



Usha Kiran

Research paper on Bellandur Lake

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Stumbled across this research study while hunting for Bellandur Lake storm/sewerage inlets.


PDF : http://bangalore.citizenm...

This paper talks about previous efforts in the maintenance of the lake and we can pick up the pieces from this. In addition to the issue of untreated water, foll 3 issues also need to be addressed:

1. Small scale industries around the tank that were issued a notice to be relocated to outskirts because the industrial effluents were being dumped into the lake.

2. STPs not functioning at the max capacity and additional STPs to be set up.

3. Illegal encroachments

Can we also please discuss what are the major issues we table before the BWSSB officials before we meet them? I think having a agenda of questions emailed/snail-mailed to them will help us get well prepared answers.

Thanks for the report

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Good going PSA sir and team. Sorry, was unable to join.

Looking forward to a meeting with BWSSB.

Progress Update.

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Hi Folks,

        Was great meeting with you on Saturday. Glad to know we're all on the same page with how to take this forward. It's been a couple of days since then, so could we see how we've progressed on our action items?

        UshaKiran - Please let us know if you have been able to fix an appointment with any authorities that may be able to help.

         Megha, Neeraj, Ananthram - Can we come up with a questionnaire by the end of this week?



We owe you one

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Offtopic, but just want to say that Techs are working hard to build a "project management" system on this website so that we can all track and collaborate better. Till then, sorry to make you do with posts and comments all around for projects.

My questions

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