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War memorial - some facts and questions

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The state government is planning to build a war memorial in the park where Indra Gandhi Musical Fountain is situated. This is the park opposite the planetarium on Chowdiah Road. 

Some of the features of the memorial-
1. A 100 feet tower - made of two 50 feet single stone pillars.
2. Buildings to house a war museum.
3. BDA to fund this project.
4. Expected to cost between Rs. 15 to 20 crores.
5. 60 odd full grown (most of them alomst 100 years old) trees to be cut down.
6. Park belongs to Horticulture Dept and was once part of the cubbon park.

Some questions-
1. Cant we have a more environmental friendly structure? - the site to quarry 50 feet long stone pillars have been identified at Kogilu near Bangalore - in a few years time this region once full of hillocks will be a plain barren land
2. Why should the memorial be housed in the heart of the city? - this is already a over crowded region. Cant this be located on the outskirts of the city, possibly around or on the way to the new airport?
3. Cant they co-ordinate with the army and house the structure on army land near HSR layout or Kormangala - where so many trees wont have to be cut?
4. The most important question - why cut down 60 old full grown trees in the heart of the city? The tress that will be cut include a few large Banyan trees. These are the few remaining lung spaces of the city - why destroy them?

I am not against the war memorial or the museum (thought i would have liked to see the 15-20 crores being spent on something better for our brave soldiers). I am sure even the martyred soldiers for whom this memorial will be dedicated wouldnt have wanted to cut down so many trees. Cant we find better ways to respect these selfless ppl who laid down their lives for the country.

The memorial is being pursued by Member of Parliament Rajeev Chandrashekar of the ABIDE (whos dad is an ex-army personal). I always thought he was one of the better netas. 


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develop the park!

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Yes, we have had enough of trees cut in this city already..please no more!

The site can be developed into a nice park..

Army has lot of land in prime locations ..the parade grounds and other places are better suited for such a memorial..they can also have a yearly ceremony there in military style..

Lets leave the trees alone..these magnificent trees can be seen easily from the ali asker road side..lets not cut them! 

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 So, where is HU?

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 So, where is HU? Or will they only step up when Metro is involved?

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where did this come from?

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How do the neta's suddenly thrust such decisions on the public? Perhaps we need to add a proviso in the 'People's manifesto' that all public buildings/ spaces will in future be 'developed' only after due public consultations, and by following processes similar to those followed in the case of the "Freedom park".

Whatever, I can't see a need for the city building a war memorial. If anything is to be done, leave it to the army to do it.

Muralidhar Rao
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re : where is HU?

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swamy idontspam avare :-)


we dont work only on metro. our frst public campaign was on - raod widening


also on parks etc -

and we're not blidnly opposing the metro :-)..but more on that later.



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HU on this war memorial..

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..again to idontspam...we're doing something..will keep u posted :)

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Relax please

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Idontspam - no digs like that please. HU is not just about Metro.

Knowing the doers amongst them, I am sure HU activits will be on the case to save the park.

vinay - do share what you are doing via events and blogs here, that will provide a chance to the super-green members here to join and support you.

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'Avatar' - must watch

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watched this movie today and find it excellent watch for all members of HU and Praja!

..just makes us aware and appreciate nature around us.. please watch in 3D ;)

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war memorial

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Barter / exchange bet   mil & govt.  Parade ground will house an under ground car park. What  do U think the barter is ?  Mil wants the other party to give in something in this barter . Certainly not on mil area.

ABIDE wants all action round that area.

Do we need a war museum? There are too many mil units all round.....  SAVE THE TREES

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war memorial

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War museum may give the public greater insight into MILITARY matters  and trigger more children to join the armed forces. May be TRUE but when they  come to Bengaluru  in the future they may have to strain their eyes  to look for grown trees....Some trees do not need permission to cut down as per some Forest laws. 

Can Hasiruusiru elaborate on this ? 

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Pay from pocket

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Suddenly, govt drops memorial project for war heroes

Did Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s recent outbursts against the Yeddyurappa government on the Lokayukta and tardy flood relief works annoy the CM? According to sources, the Rajya Sabha MP was rather vocal about his stand on several issues, the latest being the government’s stance towards Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde, as also the slow progress of Aasare — construction of houses for flood relief victims in North Karnataka. 

Work order for Rs 12.62 crore already entrusted to contractors 
    80% earth work is complete as per the work order issued

Asked about work already completed on the site, he replied that all civil works are almost done. “We will have to pay as per the tenders finalized for the earth work completed till date.’’ 

The CM should pay for this change of heart from his own pocket or party funds. I am sure this money will be peanuts for him and his Bellary cousins. It should also include filling the earth back and replanting some rain trees and not drop & run like BWSSB.

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case for an RTI exercise?

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May be a month or two down the line, we can do an RTI exercise to find out who made the payments, and how much.

Muralidhar Rao
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Memorial for the lost trees

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Where will they have the memorial for the lost trees?

It takes years for them to grow they should look at all possibilities before uprooting the trees and wasting tax payer's money.

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