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BWSSB's deathtraps

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The pictures below offer two views of a dig-up (on 12th main, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar, adjacent to Corner House), obviously by BWSSB, to access their manhole cover, the top of which has gone almost a foot below the re-tarred road surface. After completing their job, by arranging the mounds of debris around the over 2ft dia pit, they seem to think that they have taken care of the safety aspects relating to the matter. Anybody with a bit of conscience would appreciate that what they have left behind is a veritable deathtrap, particularly for two-wheeler riders (more specifically in the night).

In contrast is the clear protective marking provided by BBMP of their dig on the footpath adjacent to SBI on St Mark's road, seen in the picture below:

Shouldn't the BWSSB be following BBMP's example, in the least, apart from providing well-marked barricades, since you have fast moving vehicles on the road?

Repeat reports of accidents, involving even fatalities, due to such callousness on the part of the authorities concerened, don't seem to have even stirred their conscience. This way, it will not long before the anger of the "aam aadmi" begins to show in Bengaluru too.

Thereafter comes the question of levelling up the surface - heavy plastic slabs may perhaps provide the answer.

Muralidhar Rao

PS: Both ets of pictures were taken between 11AM and 1PM yesterday (20th Jan,'14) comment guidelines

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