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KSRTC outsourcing O&M of Mysore & Shimoga bus terminals

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Check this report in today's ToI. And, the tendering is being handled by Earnst & Young. So, the big names, who have simultaneously come down to earth, are coming into the picture as well. Perhaps, there's a good chance that L&T, GMR, etc, who have so far looked at airports only, may be considering getting into the picture too.

But, from the look of things, it appears the terminals are already under construction. The question that arises is have professional companies been involved in the designing and construction of the terminals, or, like in the case of the TTMC's in Bangalore, were they picked by the politico's involved.

The next thing that needs to happen is the transfer of the ownership of all these assets to a SPV, which will then levy user charges on KSRTC, as well as the private players, that they need to open out to, so that the VRL's and Luxuria's (check this) can then operate from out of these terminals, quite as envisaged here, rather than from the equivalents of the bylanes of Gandhinagar or Kalasipalayam in these cities, and causing incoveniences all around (check this)

And, it will not be long before the TATA's and TVS's, catering to the volume requirements (and hence, affordably priced), and the 'Praja saarige' catering to the local needs (check this) get into the picture too.

So, can we say it's all happening?:))).

Muralidhar Rao



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Commercial space alone!

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So, can we say it's all happening?:))).

No harm in keeping the hopes up! But not so fast... Sorry to disappoint. The text in the ad reads "Operate & Maintain Commercial cum Retail Space" and not the terminus facility. 

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not good enough, then

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Well, it looks like I may have jumped the gun. But, I will insist that's how it should be - sooner the better.

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