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Time for Comments - Citizens Grievance Redressal Bill 2011

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Time for review of the proposed "CITIZENS RIGHT TO GRIEVANCE REDRESS BILL, 2011" drafted by the Government Of India.

Source - GOIs Deaprtment of Administrative Reforms Na d Public Grievances

".......Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances has prepared a Draft Bill called “Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill, 2011”. This is a comprehensive rights based bill for the citizens of the country, providing statutory backing for getting timely services and goods specified in citizens charters of public authorities from Gram Panchayat, Block, District, State up to Central Level. Any violation of the citizens charter will be dealt as a grievance and institutional mechanism has been provided for time-bound grievance redressal and malafide action on the part of responsible officers will lead to penalty / disciplinary action..."

Overview of the Draft Bill
Draft “Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill, 2011

These documents are placed in the public domain for inviting comments and suggestions which can be forwarded at the following email address by 23.11.2011 to or

Note: Please feel free to post your thoughts, criticism, suggestions and comments. If enough substance in the comments, could collate all of them and send it under PRAJA name.



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For comparison, here is Bihar's Bill!

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For comparison, here is the link for copy of "Bihar Right to Public Service Act, 2011".


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Will send over whatever I have

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Syed, I ended up detailing on state's versions of RSA act on another post. But all these are almost similar, whatever 3-4 points I have, will mail them to the mentioned email addresses before the due date (Nov 23).

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My review comments!

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Made an effort to go through the Central Draft and here are my thoughts.

First Good points:

  1. The Draft preamble starts off with insistence of the obligation to create and publish 'Citizen's Charter'.
  2. As per this draft, Chapter VII-27 and Sec VIII - 40 -In any appeal proceedings, the burden of proof to establish that a non-redress of complaint by the grievance redress officer shall be on the grievance redress officer who denied the request.

Good move and deserves to be commended.

Now, here are my comments:

  1. Chapter - I, Sec 2, K, iv, C - Is this clause refer to "Banks"? If yes, would private banks also under this purview?
  2. Chapter - I, Sec 2, K, v - Would entities like BIAL, HIAL gets covered by this clause?
  3. Chapter - III, Sec 5 (1) - The updates and verification should be done every 6 months instead of one in a year.
  4. Chapter - III, Sec 5 (3) - Dissemination of of information should also be in English along with local language version.
  5. Chapter - IV, Sec 10 - In addition, a monthly report on non-redressal cases should be sent to the Head of the department.
  6. Chapter - X, Sec 46 (2) - Website should also include information on the order of the complaints/appeals pending and date & reference # of last adjudicated case.

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