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Better facilities for private run buses!

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There is no denial that private bus service is being operated in Bengaluru and other places without having its own/leased infrastructure like Terminus or bus stops. As noted in the Imran_haq's ordeal in Kalasipalya, in absence of proper infrastructure, these buses are making use of the public spaces like Roads, gullys, playgrounds even making use of no parking spaces. One can imagine the chaos it creates where these buses picks/drops passengers.

Bus service is one service which needs or raises demand for the supporting infrastructure like place to park for long hours, passenger pickup points, connecting service amenities like parking, drop/pickup from auto/taxi/BMTC, space for loading and unloading parcels etc. Amenities and infrastructure for KSRTC is no different than what exists for private ones except for it has a place for parking at depots and proper bus stop to pickup/drop passengers. But carefully looked at the existing infrastructure, one easily be convinced to say it needs MORE.

Since govt has turned a blind eye to the need of the supporting infrastructure, these bus operators both govt and private are making use of the what ever they can they lay their hands on. Irony is govt doesn't even ask the private operator while issuing the permit to run the service if it has the access to proper infrastructure or not. Lets not get into the whole business of corruption in obtaining a permit for bus service.

So the question is what needs to be done? In a simplistic answer, we can say there should be proper infrastructure supporting the operations of bus service whether by private operators or govt run corporations. In the other thread there was suggestion for 2 models. One to create desperate infrastructure for the private buses. Other suggestion was to integrate with the KSRTC infrastructure.

After giving some thoughts to both suggestions and talking to IDS, I am more inclined towards for creating single infrastructure for both private and public services. Added to that, this problem is not unique to Bengaluru only. It is the same story in Mysore, Hasan, Davangere, Belgaum, Hubli, Mangalore etc. Therefore I have decided to approach it from statewide plan to provide the amenities that would cater to both passengers as well as the operators. This will be an initial attempt to lay down some proposals in simple and basic format addressing the various issues of much needed infrastructure. You all are welcome to suggest, critique and trash the proposals.

For the simplicity let me list the items for Bengaluru first and then we can extrapolate for other cities/towns and statewide:

  • For Passengers
  1. Make use of the existing KSRTC bus stations at Shantinagar, Mysore Road, Hebbal and other planned locations
  2. Upgrade the existing Bus stations with basic amenities like restrooms, Cloak rooms, Waiting halls, Food Stalls
  3. Provide integration amenities for easy transfer to local/private transport options
  4. Provide parking and Pickup/drop off amenities.
  5. Provide facilities for booking/receiving the parcels
  6. Designate Small number of bus stops along the route for Pickup/Drop off.
  7. Ticket/Inquiry Kiosks at the bus stations
  • For Private Operators
  1. Allow private operators to make use of the KSRTC facilities for parking, maintenance and passenger pickup/drop-off
  2. Charge the reasonable/actual cost for the use of facilities and amenities. Could collect the additional fees along with the permit or registration fees.
  3. Restrict them to pickup/drop-off from the designated places only in the city.
  4. Penalize the offenders with seizure and cancellation of the permits.

There is more to the list but I will stop here and solicits the suggestion from all of you. Feel free to provide your suggestions and solutions. I am sure at the end of the exercise, we would be in a position to convert it into a proposal and submit it to the Karnataka Transport Secretary and KSRTC MD.


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 Charge the reasonable/actual

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 Charge the reasonable/actual cost for the use of facilities and amenities. Could collect the additional fees along with the permit or registration fees

This is a good suggestion. The operators can be charged on a pay per use or a monthly fixed fees basis. Some of the TTMC's can be used for this purpose if space is available to share or new IMTC's being built by DULT/KSRTC can make allowance for this. They need to collect the number of buses plying + projections from the private operators so they can divide up the capacity creation among the IMTC's.

But this should go along with a ban on parking on the streets. Buses including BMTC/KSTRC should not be parked on the streets. Even for pickup they should stop near the regular bus stands for a short period only. For larger operators who might find it cheaper to build their own depots option should be provided to do so with clear specification on where these depots can come up. 

Why arent our corporators & MLA's spending time on making such laws? I remember we had a session in school called Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) we need to introduce this in the lawmakers work day.

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wish granted?

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check this

Muralidhar Rao
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Issues which need more attention........

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Providing the private transporters with good infrastructure is just one side of the story but enforcing some discipline among them would be something which needs to be done at the earliest.

Private buses Indulging in freight carriage & delaying journeys to wait for addnl passengers has always been happening - most of them do this, causing lot of inconvenience to passengers.

Sometimes, they even ask passengers to switch buses halfway through the journey or even before they have exited the city of origin

They run multiple buses with the same registration number to cut down on their costs

Not Carrying proper documents,causing delays in case of checks by authorities.

No replacement buses if there is some problem with the vehicle.

The specifications and facilities in the bus very different than what was promised during booking.

The above mentioned issues are few of the most poplular.

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the problem lies elsewhere

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Good bus services are required all across the state, nay the country itself. And, the government has to appreciate that it cannot provide it all by itself. Consequent upon that, it has to facilitate the entry of reputed players into the field. When it doesn't do all that, but instead, chooses to impose its monopoly over vast areas, on top of all kinds of artificialities like the outmoded Contract Carriage Act, etc, it is only natural that you have largely the riff-raff operating, leading to these kinds of mediocre services you are talking about.

There's enough written on the subject on PRAJA already, like here. Suggest you go through all of them, since you are new here.

Muralidhar Rao
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List of Bus Stations in the City?

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Could some body help me with a list of Bus stations that are currently in operation by KSRTC as well as the private busses?

  1. Majestic
  2. Shantinagar
  3. Mysore Road


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KSRTC Pickup points in Bengaluru!

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KSRTC website list the following places as the pickup point in Bengaluru.

Pickup Point Name Pickup At
Basavanagudi Franchisee Counter
Bidadi  Bus Stand 
BTM Layout Opp BMTC Bus Stand
Chikkaballapur Muncipal Bus Stand 
Electronic City BMTC 19 Depot
Gandhinagar Franchisee Counter
Indiranagar BMTC 6th Depot
Jalahalli Cross Franchisee Counter
Jayanagar4th Block BMTC Bus stand
Jayanagar East End Franchisee Counter
Kalasipalya Franchisee Counter
Konnappana Agrahara Franchisee Counter
Koramangala BMTC 15 Depot
Malleshwaram 18th Cross BMTC Bus Stand
Naidu Layout Franchisee Counter 
Navarang Franchisee Counter
NGEF Bus stand(Byappanahalli) NGEF KSRTC Bus Stand
Padmanabhanagar Franchisee Counter
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