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City Volunteer Technical Corps

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Four years after the launch of major projects under the Jawaharalal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (Jnnurm), the civic body is finally seeking experts who can help them by playing a voluntary and watchdog role.The city has plenty of experts in various fields but they are willing to become City Volunteer Technical Corps (CVTC) only if there are paid for their services.


I would be surprised if they would proactively have wanted watchdogs for their works. No wonder we never heard of this before. I think all NURM funds have been used up already no? So just compliance to the requirement is remaining?

But why not extend this to non-NURM projects? If it was extended to non-technical usability aspects would people reading this on Praja be willing to spend some time? 


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 There are chances of

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 There are chances of misappropriation of funds and shoddy work and it is up to the experts to play a watchdog role

I am curious, what is the role of the people in BBMP? I understand citizen participation during planning, feedback post implementation & compliants during implementation but can regulatory functions like inspections, compliance & contract administration be pro bono work? Is it a healthy practice? It may be, I just dont know so I am asking.

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CVTC notification

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CVTC details - Extract

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2. Objectives of CVTC
    2.1  City Volunteer Technical Corps have been envisaged as an integral part of
           programme Implementation at city level with the objective of offering
           advice to JNNURM related activities.
3.  The role of CVTC in the overall scheme of JNNURM includes
     3.1 Advise to city governance and            management team on enlisting
        Community participation in service delivery.
     3.2 To help mobilize the Community Participation fund projects relating to their
        specific thematic areas.
     3.3 Ensuring transparency and accountability to citizens in programme
        implementation of JNNURM.
     3.4 Ensuring connectivity between the CDP and DPR and more particularly
          connectivity in respect of City wide infrastructure with the approved and
          sanctioned poor settlement infrastructure.
4. CVTC's seven areas:
              The CVTC's are to be formed in the 7 areas of urban engineering, urban
              planning,    urban     poverty,     urban    governance,      heritage, urban
              environment and urban financial services.
5.   Process for constituting the CVTC.
       5.1 The Municipal Corporation/ULB would invite by way of a 10 day notice as
            per Annexure-I. applications from all professionals having expertise in the
            above seven areas who are ordinarily resident in their Municipal area and
            who are willing to provide their voluntary services for the CVTCs in their
            Urban Local Bodies. Copy of the Notice would be provided to all Municipal
            Corporators/Councilors, Members of Legislative Assemblies and Members
            of Parliament in whose Constituencies the Municipal areas are located.
            Copies would also be sent to the State Govt and the SLNA of the
            concerned State and leading local voluntary /professionals civic
            institutions (an indicative list of such institutions is as follows).
            Professionals in the respective areas would provide details regarding their
            qualifications and experience in the format enclosed in Annexure-ii
      5.2            An indicative list of institutions
                            (a). Local chapter of Institution of Engineers
                            (b) Local University
                            (c) Local bar council
                            (d) Local Rotary and Lions organization
                            (e) Local chapter of the All India Medical Association
                            (f) Local council of NGOs
                            (g) The District women DWACRA Group
                            (h) The Revenue Officers Associations
                            (i) The National Association of architects
                            (j) Local Chapter of Indian National Trust for cultural
        5.3    It would also be open for the city to select anchor NGO(s) that have a
               prolonged presence in the field of urban governance in the State and
               city wide presence. The Municipal Corporation will issue a notice calling
               for applications from qualified NGOs for appointment as anchor NGO
               (as in Annexure 6a).

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is anyone to take this seriously?

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  • NURM was launched on 3rd Dec '05, supposedly spread over a 5-yr period ending 2011-12.
  • CVTC guidelines were however issued only on 15/09/09 - almost 4 years later.
  • This was communicated to the states on 29/03/10 - ie some 6 months later.
  • And, BBMP invites applications on 16/05/11 - a further 14 months later.

Meanwhile, the 5-yr period has almost come to a close. Does anything more need to be said about the intent and purpose?

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