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Who let the dogs out?

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The KC General Hospital receives 20 to 30 dog bite cases daily

BBMP — though still in denial mod — is set to introduce two mobile surgical units and form a rapid action team to control the dog menace.

Is this the solution? Hasnt this "solution" failed for decades now? Doesnt this only ensure the dogs continue to remain on the streets and suffer more torture? If the idea is to get rid of them why do it slowly? Why not donate them to PETA in one big lot, where they dont have to chew on garbage and instead can get a good meal? Do animals belong on the streets? 


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Dogging problem

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The number of stray dogs as in census year 2000 was 70,000. The population of stray dogs is also on the gradual decline where ABC is done. It has reduced to 56000 in Bangalore city limits as per the census conducted by Animal Husbandry Dept. in January 2004.


Population : 1.25 lakh 

Caught : 57,570 dogs 

Sterilised : 42,455 dogs 

Vaccinated against rabies : 54,788 dogs 

Killed : 11,818 dogs

Source: TOI March 2003

In Bangalore city alone, there are an estimated 200, 000 stray dogs today, an average of about 10 dogs for every kilometer of road length in Bangalore

Source: SC committee for SWM

So from 70K in 2000 to 200K in 2009 this issue has been dogging us. I dont see how any of the neutering, sterlising etc is curbing this. 

Two of the many recommendations include

(a) Make Bangalore and its satellite municipal councils free of stray dogs within a specified time-frame of two years, 

(b) Fulfil obligatory duties under the respective Acts for the confinement or destruction of stray and ownerless dogs and for preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases.

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More of the same

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Dog attack: Three injured

...biting three persons, including a toddler and a primary school-going child.

Once we have a list of the places, Palike will move in to clear the wet garbage that feeds the dogs,” informed Special Commissioner, Maheshwara Rao. BBMP is hoping that clearing the garbage will help bring the dog menace down

Uh! How? Dogs become calmer when they dont find anything to eat?  

As a permanent solution to the dog bite incidents, BBMP has now embarked upon mapping the areas which have a reported a large number of cases.

So now if you want dogs eliminated from your area start getting bitten. The more people you get bitten in your area the more dots you will get on the BBMP map. Then it will be a nail biting wait to see if you are a part of the chosen large-enough-bite-cases-area. And then the bright guys will come neutralize the dogs recreational activity, clear the garbage and leave it hungry and angry on the streets so it can go after you with a vengance.

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Gone to the dogs

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The target of rounding up street mongrels, neutering them and then setting them free to roam anew, albeit in a less reproductive way, has collapsed. Consequently, the stray dog population in the scraggly City has increased in leaps and bounds, touching nearly 200,000 according to a recent estimate. They outnumber registered pet dogs whose population is close to 1.5 lakh. More...

This is not going anywhere and they dont want to admit it. This city has truly gone to the dogs 1 dog for every 20 people tells the story.


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Who is sterile?

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Dog attacks 4-yr-old girl. Eye-witnesses said the dog also attacked five more people.

Who is sterile here? The dogs or the authorities dealing with this inneffective expensive NGO funding program. They have probably been feeding the dogs glucose. It would cost them less if they asked the NGO's and dog lovers to create seperate dog parks where these dogs will atleast get good food instead of eating plastic bags and humans on the street.

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Councillors worry over stray

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Councillors worry over stray dogs

Nobody seems to have the guts to say dogs dont belong on the streets.

Ward 19 is infested with agressive stray dogs. Where is the corporator NM Krishnamurthy? He is hardly seen in the ward or heard in the assembly.

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New multicrore scam

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“Though we have been implementing the programme for the past 10 years, and have spent close to Rs 12.63 crore, we are not in a position to say that all dogs across the city have been sterilised. It is high time to renew the programme, and implement it once again to ensure that it reaches every nook and corner of the city.

Nonsense, spend 12 crore more and see it quadruple? The nail has fallen off and the blind people are hammering the wall down. The idiots need to round up the dogs into a dog park on the outskirts and put them out of the misery of eating plastics & refuse on the road side. Most of the dogs are disesased and suffer from malnutrition. It inhuman treatment letting dogs out on the street. This is the worst scam perpetrated on our city. 

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"Ward 19 is infested with

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"Ward 19 is infested with agressive stray dogs"

You can inform the BBMP and an AWO will come by and sterilize the dogs. You may need to complain a few times. If they are already sterilized, then there is nothing you can legally do.

Apparently that is the official policy to be followed all over India by Municipalities in response to complaints for ferocious dogs. The BBMP is not allowed to put down, remove, relocate or put up for adoption any healthy sterilized stray dog. They can only pay AWO's to sterilize them.

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Impotent? who?

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The BBMP is not allowed to put down, remove, relocate or put up for adoption any healthy sterilized stray dog.

What a shame, the BBMP has been rendered more impotent by these policies than the dogs themselves.

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Yet another killing by dogs

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The solution to the problem

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The solution to the problem lies with us not elsewhere.  We must tackle this problem at the breeding point itself. A closely observation and analysis will reveal that in new layouts, the new building constructions are the root cause for dog’s breeding.  Watchman at the construction sheds must be told to get his dog sterilised. In a developed layout our garbage dumping system facilitates the breeding.  Dogs living in urban areas can smell BBMP Dog vans and go hiding before the arrival of BBMP vans or the stray dogs may also have few patrons who protect them without revealing their identity comment guidelines

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