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Sanjaynagar Traffic Diversion

I understand that the magic box underground work will commence on Bellary Main road at Sanjaynagar junction. I want to know how the bus routes will be diverted for entering from Mekhri circle to Rajgoapl Road and back.
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navshot may know

Venkatesh, navshot had posted this a while ago, and had mentioned he will try to find the new traffic arrangement there (with those three magic boxes):

NAvshot, if you are around, any luck digging out details on this one?

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No magic @snagar

They arent building anything at sanjaynagar jn. They are expecting the CBI jn underpass to double up for the sanjaynagar jn as well. How that works I have no clue. Rithesh may have an idea, he was explaining it when we met last time.
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Sanjaynagar magic box...

Sorry, I missed this thread completely while I was away. I can see that the construction of magic box (match box, as popularly know) at Sanjaynagar junction has started. But the traffic flow design may not be like what we thought earlier. -- navshot
-- navshot
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Magic Boxes and aesthetics

Magic Boxes are I think, by far, the most disgusting looking flyovers (underpasses - maybe not!) The BDA junction looks shoddy, shabby and poor! The gradient isnt smooth, the parrapet walls are all misaligned - i think its just did not get enough attention and was really rushed up. Its NOT a cost issue. Its just inexperience and hurry! If the same magic box was given to a private party to build it (maybe a reputed builder) he would have built it in a much more aesthetic fashion for the same cost, in the same time (or maybe even less!) This is a sheer case of inexperience and apathy and hopefully shoudl not be repeated!
Narayan Gopalan
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