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Monthly Praja Meeting: January

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10 Jan 2009 00:30

7.30 am, Saturday Jan 10, Lalbagh West Gate, our January meeting at Bangalore. All are welcome.

Main task items from Dec meeting:

  • What is Praja - a quality single pager to help all understand
  • Website usability improvements
  • Start on 3-4 tracking projects (projects: list not final, BWSSB, progress on JNNURM funds for Bangalore, Gali Anjaneya flyover were the items we discussed)

Lalbagh West Gate is at the junction of Vanivilas Road and RV Road, here is the location marked on google map.

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Bumping this up

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Should hopefuly have a round of site changes before this meeting.

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about the jan meeting

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Dear all I am a new member of praja, i would like to know where exactly the meeting is taking place, if it is in lal bagh west gate then where exactly in lal bagh west gate, can any one suggest me.
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Traffic Policeman menace in bangalore

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This comment has been moved here.
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Fog or not ...

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Yep, the morning fog was a bit too thick, but let us stick to 7.30 am sharp. If you arrive late, find us in the lawns to the right after you enter Lalbagh from the West gate.

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Eagerly waiting for meeting details !

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SB and others,

 Pls update the Praja community with today's meeting minutes.



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Had a productive meeting

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Sole agenda of the meeting was to plan a site restructure, which in turn would be based on what exactly do we want to do, as in , whats the mission for this virtual group.

Ananth brought along a very to-the-point presentation which had excellent suggestions on restructuring the site. We walked through his eck, discussed a few points, and have a clear direction on restrucuring the site and announcing goals/mission.

Syed - since you and I have had similar discussions separately, I will call you during the week to let you know the differences ananth's suggestions have with our three pronged gyan/discussion/action scheme.

Anyone else reading this and wanting to help, contact either Syed, Ananth or myself if you want to help on revamping the site. You need not be a techie, as the help could either be inputs on usability, requirements or technology.

We had a surprise visitor as well, a journalist from BBC Radio at Bangalore! Mr Siraj shared some advice for us and got to know the handful of us who were present.

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Sorry chaps

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Sorry.  Just did not wake up in time.  Came back from Bombay almost midnight.  Just could not wake up.  Will catch up with you personally next weekend if it's okay with you.

Good that you had a productive meeting


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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same here

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Sorry folks! I missed out on this time's meeting because of a long drive back home last evening.. Would have liked to be there.. Anything else was discussed there during the meeting? I mean anything on the "What is Praja" thing? Or is there another page talking about this already? Please link them here as well.


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