Meeting with BMTC MD on Bus Priority, confirmed!

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22 Dec 2010 15:00

Mr Pasha has given us time on Dec 22 at 3 PM to discuss Bus Priority System project. The meeting will be focused on BPS or at maximum current status of BRTS projects at BMTC.

I can take along maximum 5 folks with me. Please leave a comment if you want to join. BPS project members will be preferred.

We could go with following agenda for the meeting:

  • Explain the need for BPS, ask him for BMTC's current plans for speeding up buses on corridors
  • BMTC's observations from past/current BRTS efforts
    • ORR, with BDA, we know this is on
    • Anything else, with BMTC?
  • Give him a list of data requests, and get his support for more such technical/data requests in future.

PS: And last, we will also extend him a formal invitation from Praja side to attend the upcoming Workshop on BPS/BRTS for Bangalore at CiSTUP, IISc. Watch other posts for details on upcoming Mobilicity workshops.


BMTC meeting on 22nd.

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(sorry for 'cap lock')

project members preferred

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A few project members have confirmed, if there is space, will let you know Pathy sir.

Pathy sir and other readers, please do leave Bus Priority System related questions etc here that you would want us to carry to the meeting.

BMTC meeting

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I would like the following discussed-

1. During the Public Transpoprt meeting convened by Volvo recently Mr. Pasha, MD- BMTC replied to my query that meetings of commuters representatives are being held. But on further enquiry it is not clear when these are held.  We may request BMTC to involve in these meetings.

2. Feeder services and last mile connectivity- BMTC have again announced such services to Metro stations. However there are still no proper feeder services to the main Railway stations. They may be asked to start these services soon.



will not cover these

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Pathy sir, this meeting is only to talk Bus Priority System / BRTS with BMTC. Please save those questions for separate interactions with BMTC.

Any BPS/BRTS specific questions anyone?

Will make it

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SB - will make it 3PM /22nd.

My questions

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Conflicts with a meeting in the office, cant make it, so here goes
  1. Is there a DPR/Detailed plan for the ORR BRTS they can share with us? If not who is advising them on the technical details?
  2. What is the probable start of implementation considering the state of the ORR stretch currently?
  3. What is their view on signal priority for Big 10 routes?
  4. Who in BBMP do they work with for making the appropriate changes on the roads & what is the process?

Had a fantastic meeting

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Meeting was advanced to 1 PM, so only Naveen and myself could adjust our schedules and go. But had a fantastic meeting with BMTC. Short on time rt now, will put meeting notes along with Naveen in a separate project blog.

GIREM & BMTC with IT facility managers meeting

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On 11th Dec'2010 GIREM with BMTC on public Transport  with IT companies

The Global Initiative for Restructuring  Environment  and Management (GIREM), a group that organises people to think of ways in which  they can solve their transport  problems, held a meeting

Hundred facility managers from various IT firms interact with transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao, BMTC director (technical) SK Paramesh and Ashwin Mahesh, advisor to the state government on transport. The Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA), the Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA) and Whitefield Export Promotion Park Industrial Association (WEPPIA) were also part of the initiative.