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Rainwater Harvesting - Preaching without practicing ?

Some observations/solutions for making RWH compulsory.

Men in authority are more interested in preaching than practicing.

There are huge government buildings and lands/waste lands in urban/rural areas - still there is no semblance of utilizing such golden areas for creating rain water harvesting facilities by those in occupation of such lands.

There are schemes -NREGP - to provide minimum 100 days of guaranteed jobs, there appears to be laxity on the part of administrators to utilize such labor who are yearning for livelihood in rural areas. It is denial of both the benefits of providing them employment and making rain water harvesting a blessed storage capacity for the rural populace.

- there is monsoon on its way and with whatever rain that pours on our earth, can be harnessed and stored for the welfare of the cattles, animals and welfare of people.  There is no nano technology involved or billion dollar investment. Simple methods of diverting out flowing water into well designed storage capacities can create miracles in the rural scenario.

- In urban areas, there are wide footpaths but the water that pours out from the residential areas goes into the clogged storm water drains and only to over flow and flood the low lying slum areas or residential areas.

- There may be water supply pipes, sewage pipes, cable ducts, electricity supply cables etc. Such thickly populated areas with either mini footpaths or no footpaths at all may be exempted. Problems are there to be solved with conditions attached. But where there is a will there is a way.

-  Suggestion:  Instead, Government should, while laying foot paths provide for storage facilities under the footpaths so that the rain water from roofs of these homes can be directly delivered into those tanks.  People will be happy to extend the rain water outlet pipes that bring down water from the roofs up to the storage facility across the storm water side drains in front of their houses. They will have made their own harvesting provision for their need and any excess can be drained to that facility under the footpath with minimum expenditure. This will reduce the heart burn.

- We need actions that contain variables, coordinates and deliverables.  Merely making it compulsory and imposing a punishment to spend money to provide rain water harvesting to let the water percolate underground, only to let it be exploited by somebody through their borewells a few feet away in somebody's homes, creates a question mark as to why should I do it?

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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