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How good is your Road Safety Knowledge - Test your self against 170 questions

For some time now I have been working towards making available an Interactive road safety quiz database for Indian road users.  
Here is the entire quiz database of 170 questions available as two interactive quiz e-book's to test your knowledge of road safety related issues. This is a free downloadable resource for all who are preparing to sit the theory driving test as a part of licensing procedure. The latter is rare as most states in India still have not implemented a mandatory theory test for learner drivers. Hope is that Road Traffic Authorities in India use the above as a starting point for implementing a mandatory theory test for all new learner drivers. This resource is also likely to be a perfect way of refreshing the knowledge base of those who have been driving for several years.

The 170 questions are available as two separate e-books.
  1. Basic Road Safety Quiz (67 questions in all) - As an exe file or as a zipped file (under 1mb).
  2. Advanced Road safety Quiz (103 questions in all) - exe file or as a zipped file (just over 1mb).

Feedback is welcome.



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Awesome Doc! Hats off! I took a couple of tests. Will post scores when i finish all tests eventually. right now have 8/10 and 10/10. Hmmm... did you code these apps yourselves? Some how is it possible to make it directly an online test? Tests are pretty cool. I have taken some defensive driving tests. questions so far I have seen are as good as commercial ones. ofcourse they give certificates. need to show this app to Mr. Sood.
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Test Can be made online as well

Hi! Thanks for kind comments.

Yes the test can be made available online, but I thought people will prefer to work off-line.

Also its unicode compliant and we could easily translate it to any Indian language.


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Excellent doc


Excellent resource.  I think everyone on Praja can take this test.  I think there are some corrections due on the braking distance part.  If 40ft are needed at 32kmph then I expect that 360ft will be needed at 96kmph following the v2-u2=2as equation from Newton's 2nd law.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Real good document. Excllent

Real good document. Excllent work this.

English probably needs to be Indianized. I'm not sure many Indians can associate the term "Lifesaver" with checking the blind spot - or aynthing else for that matter. Similarly the term "Moving off" is not something Indians would be familiar with. To know these terms some reading is in order, probably reading that British highway code as you suggested in the intro is not such a bad idea.

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online and yeah!

yeah agree with agarwal. i too didnot get lifesaver and moving off. so -2. :) doc, so did you design the test like they do psychological tests? i observed some redundancy, perspective changes, intential-a? awesome. you must have put in a lot of thought. downloading perhaps suits some. but make it online also please. easy for others.
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Some quick thoughts

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.

Stopping distances - unless I have made amistake in the javascripting - but the distances need to take in to account momentum (mass as well), in fact bigger vehicles take much longer and hence expressway speed limits for HGVs are always less than for a car.

Language - agree, but the question is if we can relate to booze and banjo why not this language. Its exposure (or lack of it). No Britisher will know what Lifesaver means until they pick up the highway code as essential reading for their mandatory driving theory test. Some of this is bound to be new to us but we need to accept it and get used to road safety concepts and jargon. In fact we have now translated and dubbed a third of the videos in Marathi - we struggled a lot - because some concepts were never learnt and taught, we had a hard time translating 'moving off' or 'pulling over' etc.

Yes, I am as ever influenced by my professional experience. But I have enjoyed putting this together. And we can expand on it further, add more questions as well.

Will try and bring this up online and let Praja know about it when done.

But more feedback the better.


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