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TenderSURE and the future!

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@vmenon made a pertinent obervation about TenderSURE works happening around town here

Have been following the TenderSURE  too, as said there is some opagueness in the approach. However coming to rain water colleciton, I was wondering if in-situ collection of rain water may not be the best choice available as the higher ground moisture content may make the surface structure unstable..hence was thinking if some engineering work like 'mini raja-kaluve' as BBMP might like to call it..will take this run off water from the streets to the nearest public space (park etc) to replenish the ground water. 

Anyways with Jayanagar, tendersure project now being done independently by BBMP themselves and can be said that its the end of the original tendersure setup..the risk we run is the rules will get diluted and BBMP will slip it back to its old ways..or else it migh work positively in favour of the cause of giving the best road infra for bangalore in an affordable way..some how I am sceptical of the latter thought!

What else do you think TenderSURE should focus on? comment guidelines

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