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Railways as freight carriers

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Hi Folks

I am shifting Delhi from Bangalore and so was looking of ways to move my personal stuff from Bangalore to Delhi. I dont have a lot of stuff so it does not make sense to hire a container myself. I had 3 carton boxes and a bike.

I was wondering whether it is possible to send all this stuff through train. While I know that sending the bike is possible, is it also possible that one sends the carton boxes by train as well?

1. Has anyone tried it before?

2. Is it efficient and dependable? is it cheaper than road transport?



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Is possible

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I once shipped my scooter (actually, took it along with me) on train. Had done it 12 years ago, don't remember the rats now. Call city station for rates, they were reasonable, though you must pack your bike very well and take of any accessory (mirror etc) that can either be taken out or damaged easily.

Depending on your train (has luggage rack, is it full on the day), your stuff may or may not go along with you. In that case, you just pack and leave your stuff at the station. comment guidelines

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