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Advertisement Revenue for SWR at Bangalore Station

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Reserve Price per annum in Rs. 2,74,28,012/-  for the   Locations: Bangalore city Railway station (inside and out side) STS Compound near Santala, Okhalipuram. Platform Road ‘T’ Junction. Platform Road opposite Swathi. Srirampuram Bridge. Binny Mill circle.

This is  previous  advertisement of SWR for Bangalore city station.  With major station around Bangalore city,  how much revenue will be generated if the SWR makes use of the facility and generates  other revenue.  This will go up once SWR gets into Commuter Rail for Bangalore and its surrounding. 

How much revenue  a advertisement at Trumpet interchange to BIAL on NH-7  on SWR land can generate  if they provide well equipped station below the flyover,  same with Hebbal Station.  I do not why Railway always grumble on fares when they  have huge opportunity exists on Real estate, Advertisement  around station premises ,  Parking Lot ( Multi Level ),   Advertisement behind Tickets, in2345 Crystal Drive,side / outside Coaches.  Its fit case for PPP where Railway just need to agree on the project. comment guidelines

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