A quaint and strange station : Byappanahalli railway station

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Wearing a deserted look, the Byappanahalli railway station is in dismal shape boasting of the apathy and disinterest exhibited on the part of the authority concerned. The comfort of using other hi-tech railways stations of the city with facilities like the digital indicators and computerised systems vanishes, as soon as one comes face-to-face with this desolated base. Hitting the headlines a couple of years ago regarding its upgradation into a proposed world class railway station, sharing the burden of the other important terminals bursting at their seams, the station still stands deserted, craving for the  much desired attention 

Comprising  two platforms and 13 pairs of trains hitting the base everyday, the terminus falls way behind the margin,

 the platform has considerable number of passenger trains passing by everyday. People do use this terminal  

The road leading to the terminal has a different saga to narrate. Nothing less than a bumpy ride can take you to the station, and further greeting the commuters is a broken and uneven staircase with weeds everywhere.

“It is quite evident that the station is not being taken care of. Absence of basic amenities and negligence exhibited on the part of authority concerned, had left the terminal in deplorable condition. Passengers and their problems have been left unattended,” said Rajan, a commuter.

People crossing the railway track to reach the next platform is a common sight. The reason being, absence of foot over-bridge or subway.The platform has no overbridge and the only way to reach the other side without jumping on the tracks is by using the road. “Using the road to go on the other side is a tedious task, and that also means encountering traffic. We find crossing the tracks more convenient,” said Manish, a commuter. When City Express tried to contact the railway authorities, they remained unavailable for comment. 


Just next the Byappanahalli railway station is METRO Station where crores of rupess have been spent and it is supposed to be integrated both which is in such bad shape.

Even with 4/5 crores, whole station will get facelift and   it  will be of great use.  Same authorities will spend 100 crore in building Flyover / under passes for vechiles & will not spend for  public commuters  on the needs.  They will dicsuss every thing but not to  impliment.

In the name of worldclass station, things are not done even basic facility like foot overbridge,  covered sitting arrangments & good vechile parking.



Byappanahalli to be Bangalores third terminal

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The Bangalore Division of South Western Railway (SWR) has sought the approval of the Railway Board to develop Byappanahalli as the third coaching terminal in the city. It is necessary since both Bangalore Central and Yeshwantpur Railway Stations are chocked due to introduction of several new trains in the recent past.


The DRM said the government is interested in having circular or sub-urban trains in the city and railways has already joined its hands with it. The scientific study about its feasibility is being entrusted to RITES and the report is expected within four months. Once the report is submitted, railways and officials of the State government will take a look into the project.

Byp - Nothing new

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Byp as a possible future terminus for inter-city trains has always been on the cards. DRM appears to be going public once again about this just to legitimise demands of land by SWR from state govt.

What is positive is that he is also talking about suburban trains in the same breath, which until recently had been a no-no for SWR due to "excessive load" - I guess they now have accepted that without promising a suburban network, their demands for land for a third terminal would sound more hollow than before.

I think the state govt must lay down strict conditions - if the suburban network is not commenced within a certain number of years after handover of land, SWR must return the land with compensation & penalties.

Let's hope they don't again go back to their old ways & pose obstacles to commence suburban rail services as they had been doing in the past, & similar to their attitude with land & other issues for Metro rail.