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No to crime and corruption in Karnataka politics - Petitions


In the 2008 Karnataka assembly there're
a) 42-43 MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) with criminal records - BJP (25), INC (08), JD[S] (07) and Independents (02).
b) 08 MLAs with murder or attempt to murder cases against them - BJP (03), INC (03) and JD[S] (02).
c) 18.75% of MLAs with criminal cases against them.

Stop illegal mining in Karnataka's forests by mining mafia - Petitions


I might seek CBI help, says Hegde - Deccan Herald Saturday, July 18, 2010

Scrap Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill / Act 2010 - Petitions


The maximum imprisonment for violating the provisions of the 1964 Act was 06 months whereas the 2010 Bill/Act prescribes imprisonment extending up to 07 years. It is this that has made people question the intentions of the State BJP (right wing) government as in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), imprisonment for such long terms is usually meant for crimes of a far more heinous nature.

The latest Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill / Act 2010 virtually equates the killing of a cow with the murder of a human. (It's only the economically weaker sections of the society who consume/eat beef in India.)

An offender may be imprisoned from 01-07 years and fined between Rs. 25,000-50,000 or Rs.1 lakh. Draws the lines - us and them, the beef-eaters and those who don't, the killers (bad ones) and the pious/good ones. Reinforces those lines with the draconian, absolute and brutal police power of the State behind one particular section. Removes any distinction between "cow" and "cattle".

Say no to road widening in Bangalore - Petitions

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

40,000 properties in Bangalore are likely to be demolished to widen 227 roads by displacing 38,000 to 2 lakh people for private vehicles. Pedestrians have no footpaths to walk. Road widenings must be stopped. Homes, properties and livelihoods of the citizens must be saved. Roads should be accessible for all sections of society.

(Fully featured and comprehensive version)

(Patially featured and condensed version)

Twitter Tweet - Say no to road widening in Bangalore - Petitions

Enact India's undiluted anti-corrupt Lok Pal Bill - Petitions


India's anti-corrupt ombudsman Lok Pal must have the powers and the jurisdiction to investigate the PM, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament of the Upper/Lower House independent of government agencies. Legislators' families must declare their personal assets each year.

The following petitions were created in response to the email request made by two sister NGOs Lok Sevak Sangh LSS and Transparency-International India TII. The TII had sent some matter as an email attachment.

More details in brief may please be viewed at the end (conclusion) of the respective petitions.

Give prosecution & suo motu powers to Lokayukta - Petition

Everything else

This petition’s been created to request those concerned to

01) Appoint the Upa Lokayukta at the earliest.

02) Give prosecution and suo motu powers to the Lokayukta.

(If the Lokayukta has suo motu powers, it can speedily take up investigations on its own without waiting for someone to file a complaint.)

03) Dismiss the corrupt government officials from service.

04) Retain Justice Mr. Santosh Hegde after accepting his demands/requests.

Justice Santosh Hedge's requests to the government as soon as he'd taken over as the Lokayukta chief

01) Give power of suspending and revoking suspension of corrupt officials.

02) Amend Section 36 of CrPC to confer police power on the Lokayukta.

03) Give suo motu powers to investigate Class I officials as well as politicians, who come under the Lokayukta purview.


No to musical fountain & laser shows at Lalbagh - petitions


Lalbagh will be losing trees for a 'Sentosa' look. It/This is a perfect case of the fence eating the crop. 

The Horticulture Dept, which shoulders the responsibility of protecting and preserving Lalbagh Gardens, is set to axe the precious green cover in the State's only botanical gardens. In its zeal to emulate Singapore's famous Sentosa Island, the dept will chop off nearly 10 full-grown trees to make way for a musical fountain and a laser show.

However, the department has kept this fact under wraps, fearing protests. Even the Chief Minister / CM has not been informed about the need for cutting the trees for the project. This place is presently covered by nearly 20 trees, and at least 10 of them are planned to be cleared.

Investigate & publicize Mangalore air crash - petitions

AviationEverything else

Short, narrow and faulty table-top runway. No flat terrain. Pilot/Pilots' fatigue. Quick turn-around (QTA) flights at night raises pilots' stress and fatigue levels. Compromising safety vs commercial interests. No rest between outbound and inbound journeys for the pilots and the cabin crew.

The Karnataka state government wants to establish an airport in every tier-II city across the state. Also a new concept called helitourism is also being introduced even in Madikeri, Kodagu (Western Ghats).

The presence of the Chamundi Hills has rendered the present Mysore airport potentially unsafe especially under foggy / rainy conditions for the flights that are likely to go/depart and come/arrive from Bangalore, Chennai etc.

There seems to be a veil / cloak of secrecy regarding/surrounding the exact cause of YSR's chopper / helicopter accident.

The Airbus 320s or A-320s were grounded for 07 months immediately after the 1990 air crash at the HAL Airport Bangalore by blaming the aircraft and the fly-by-wire technology for the crash. We learnt only after the Mangalore Air crash that it was a pilot error in the case of A-320 crash.

Say no to Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act Amendment - Petitions


Unless tree felling is restricted, our green cover may disappear through greed and ignorance. The GoK enacted the KPTA, 1976, which made permission from the Forest Dept mandatory for felling trees.

According to the Trees Act, trees may only be felled with prior permission of the Forest Dept which has the duty and liability to preserve and protect trees. Anyone (including officials of govt/civic bodies) is subject to criminal prosecution for felling a tree without the required permission.

This requirement of official permission has prevented large scale felling of trees, and has also restrained people and officials from unnecessarily felling trees owing to fear of criminal prosecution. Thus the KPTA thus put a brake on tree felling and helped protect our green cover.

Almost all the 30 species (many major fruit trees) now included for exemption in addition to the earlier 11 constitute the major tree wealth of both rural and urban Karnataka. It'll/It'd devastate bird life and spread pests.

Implement Delhi High Court directives to end stray cattle menace - Petition


Implement Delhi High Court directives to end stray cattle menace - Petition

The presence of unauthorized / illegal / unregistered dairies / dairy colonies / cattle sheds in the urbanized areas is/was the main reason for the stray cattle menace faced by the citizens. The dairies / cattle sheds  are operating / running illegally / unauthorizedly and without any licenses.

The civic bodies ought to have felt embarrassed and apologetic for being unable to implement the policy in an honest and efficient manner.

It unfortunately seems like authorities have no will to enforce closure or relocation of such illegal / unauthorized / unregistered dairies / cattle sheds and are/were in fact interested in such dairies / cattle sheds continuing in the urban areas in total defiance of the provisions of law.

Say no to widening of trees-lined Sankey Road Petition


The proposed six-lane corridor is expected to result in chopping of about 150 well-grown trees. The widening entails felling of about 150 trees on both sides of the stretch, besides occupying a good portion of the historic tank. It'll/It'd destroy the beauty of one of the posh localities of the City.

Petition: Say no to Tagore Circle underpass in Bangalore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Bangalore is one of the 59 cities to which Ministry of Urban Development or MoUD has sanctioned grants for public transport buses.

This grant is linked to conditional reforms in the transport sector in cities that includes higher taxes on private cars, dedicated funds for public transport, parking policy as a car restrain measure and bus sector reforms.

Petition: Continue anti encroachment drive in Mysore City

Pedestrian InfrastructurePublic TransportEverything else

Please click the link letter that is just above the icon view whole petition for a condensed version of the petition:

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