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Association of Bengaluru Commuters

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" this blog was posted here by me, more than three years ago and had positive response but, no action was taken in this regard.   it is much more relevent now and it is high time we take action on this and make it successful.  I would like to initiate the creation of Association and membership drive with the help of Praja RAAG and other civic organisations so that we can make the diffference to the commuters and citizens of Bengaluru and surrounding communities.  Also, I am developing software and app(through my company) which is needed for managing membership and other services free of cost "

Please read and comment.  We can have a open forum discussion on the bylaws (first draft given below) and managing committee, membership drive, services etc  "

We all know that commuters in Bangalore are struggling with inadequate mass transport system and deteriorating traffic conditions.  We have a situation where the most important transport project like CRS is being ignored by the incompetent state government.  All our suggestions to improve BMTC fall on deaf ears.  Auto rickshaw drivers are fleecing us at every opportunity they get.  Last mile connectivity is non-existent.  Our children are traveling to schools in unsafe vans and auto rickshaws like herds of cattle.    

So what can be done as a citizen of Bangalore and commuter to change this situation? Advocacy?, campaigning? Lobbying?.  Well Praja and many other civic groups and NGOs have done that for years and the effect on the government, and so called traffic and transport ‘authorities’ is marginal at best.  Most of the time they have ignored us and carried on their incompetent ways as if we need them and they don’t need us.  The final nail in the coffin would be the CRS, which is undeniably, the most essential for Bangalore.  The Praja threads discussing CRS go way back to 2010 and three years later; all our efforts are about to go down the drain as the CRS has hit a dead end.

It is high time we take this matter in our own hands and write our own destiny.  It is time we create our own organization or ‘Authority’ or co-operative which is for the Commuters and by the commuters.  We don’t need to beg for service from anyone and we should be in a position to demand service.  We don’t need celebrities or eminent personalities to endorse us, we are our own celebrities.

It is time we realize that mere protests or advocacy does not make any difference and there is an urgent need for action.  As the corruption and incompetency are the hallmark of the present government system, there should be an alternative which can circumvent this system and protect ourselves before we all get engulfed in the polluted air and die.  

We are 30 to 50 lakh commuters strong who are religiously traveling to school, college, work or business every day in Bengaluru spending 15 to 20 % of our day commuting in such a horrific condition that it is effecting our whole day and our entire life.  Even at around Rs.500 per month average, we are spending Rs.1500 to 2000 crores on commute every year.  These numbers say everything.  We have enough people and money to make a huge difference.  

I know, you may be asking can we manage such huge organisation.  Well, think of the people who are managing our public companies and ministries. A person who can’t tell difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine is heading our transport organisation and a person who can’t tell a difference between Incandescent bulb and CFL is a power minister.  When these type of people are governing us and managing our organisations, can’t we build and manage our own efficient organisation, with commuters who are Doctorates, Managers, Administrators, Technologists, entrepreneurs, BPO staff, bankers and others?.

Also, money is essential to build and manage such organisation.  But, with 50 lakh commuters, contributing 1 or 2% of their commute cost towards their own welfare is a huge amount.  Many international organisations are ready to give huge grants if we are able to reduce carbon emissions in the city.  Our own tax money earmarked for urban transportation which is being misused by government organisations can be tapped.   Once people power is there, many things are possible.

Bylaws as enivsaged by me  (which needs to be amended by the forum)


Membership organization for all the commuters living and working in and around Bengaluru city


To organize into an association and promote co-ordination amongst all persons, institutions, organizations, service providers and others engaged in or interested in or connected with or working for commuter transportation in Bangalore


To provide services like park and ride with amenities, last mile connectivity and contract transport for members.


To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and discussions for various commute options


To promote carpool, vanpool bicycle, work from home, and walking through innovative models for commuter members.


To develop and promote short-term and long-term training programs for members and service providers in the field transportation


To coordinate with other professional agencies, association, government agencies and organizations so as to address transportation in Bengaluru


To liaise, influence, advocate with Governments both States and Centre for initiating appropriate measures for achieving the goals of providing efficient and green transportation in Bengaluru



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project cut for the association

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Ashfaq - perhaps, here's a project cut out for your proposed Commuters' Association

Now that ZipGo has been allowed into providing airport connectivity, shouldn't every Koramangala, Whitefield, Electronic city etc, and more importantly Namma Metro, too be having shuttle services (provided by the likes of ZipGo) feeding the Big-10 services (where BMTC can concentrate its efforts)?

This is plainly to the route to incentivising people to take to public transport, and thereby reducing the clutter on the roads

- check here for the full story.  Let's raise the demand.

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