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7.5 meters of Magic

News report: 

...The four identified corridors for experiencing magic are: Central Silk Board-Vellara Junction, Vellara Junction–Kundalahalli near Varthur, Rajkumar Road, and the stretch from Mekhri Circle to Hope Farm (via Old Madras Road, Hoodi and Whitefield).

The hallmark of the effort will be the use of wider magic boxes, each measur ing 7.5m, at all the junctions to ease traffic congestion and to provide for seamless traffic....


7.5 mts is close to 25 feet..thats what about replacing the existing ones on hebbal road with these 7.5 mts ones?


On the other hand, there are reports that the magic is no more magic and has too many faults..

Regis Catinaud, the French student:
A study conducted by a French student, has found that the magic boxes are badly designed, "unsustainable" and "unsafe".
He pointed out that according to Oral Buyukozturk, the journal of structural engineering published by MIT Press, joints between the segments in precast concrete segmental bridges require special attention in design and construction
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enough of these

I am so un-excited by hearing this -

1. these magic boxes (MB)  are ugly -
2. The Anand nagar one is a JOKE
3. we have enough to try and experiment for their stability.

If I stand in the BMTC bus stop (which is again crazy) I see the vehicles plying over the CBI magic box to going up and down and repeat the same several times -

the over pass doesnt feel to be like a arch - rather an arc completely gone wrong - the side wall have been made hastingly without the feel of continuity.

there was no thought about proper location of the bus stop and vehicles coming from CBI road criss cross with the busses coming over the CBI MB and wanting to stop in the CBI bus stop.

if this is the story of one - then what if we have so many!

I hope the planners do it properly this time and have learned from their mistakes and experiences.

Personally I have a NO to any more of this uglification of the city.

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