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Bangalore Apartments - How safe are they?

Bangalore is becoming like apartment city. So many apartments and many apartments have overtaken the Utility Building in terms of number of floors. How safe are they ? How well are they constructed ? Is it worth the price a customer is paying and the huge maintenance cost, more than rent of a good house. I literally feel that many techies and business men are going on the brand name and colourful ads and the out of the world picture given by the builders.

The recent collapse of 15 floor Prestige apartments at Hoodi rises lots of questions. What if families would have occupied the apartments? A branded company like Prestige doing this. Apartment was constructed using low quality materials, mainly filter sand which doesn't mix well with cement. Reporters are avoided to meet the accident victims and the guard of the apartment complex was murdered. Not even a single person was killed when a 15 floor apartment collapses!!! So much running behind the scenes.

How about apartments of local builders. 5-6 floor apartments are now being built on 30X40 sites!!. It is the BBMP which has given licenses to these kind of apartments without inspection and after the 'deal' between the builder and BBMP officer. I saw a program in TV9 channel where the reporter went as a BBMP officer with a hidden camera to a Brigade office telling the violations of one of their buildings and the Brigade officer tried to negotiate with BBMP officer(reporter). Ultimately it is the buyer who is the looser of life and property.

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Source of info?

Vasanth - Apartment was constructed using low quality materials, mainly filter sand which doesn't mix well with cement. . Any source for this info? I hear (rumors of course), that the Prestige Shantiniketan collapse may have been an act of sabotage as well. More than following the investigation (trust newspapers to be on the case), just as you say, we should be interested in following if this leads to better inspection and regulations from BBMP. Apartments on small lots is increasingly noticable - they don't seem to follow byelaws that well, esp the parking (no visitor parking spots, sometimes not enough for residents - use the public road) and setbacks (cover full site fotprint, leading to hassles later with neighboring sites or with BBMP due to road encroachment).
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Source - TV interviews

In many of the Kannada channels during interviews, local people were saying Shanthinikethan Apartment and other apartments nearby are using filter sand. Not sure how real is this information. Lots of questions about the collapse still persists and no clarification given by BBMP. Prestige made a diplomatic statment as expected.
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are homes safe..

seriouly lots of apt are comin up in blore.. n we have to very choosing in decidin on it..its better not to just go on hte brand name but instead we need to do proper xheck on it..
evn apt s are not safe now.. i mean thr is no proper security .. but still we need to protect our house.. i have good security system for my apt... try them it might help u.. comment guidelines

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