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Bus Routes and Fares

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I've recently started using the bus - I must admit it took my car being in the shop for a few days to trigger it - and have found it to be very easy and comfortable. But I'm curious about the fare system. The first couple of times I found a `Suvarna' bus and the fare, from Mathikere to Yelahanka, was Rs. 11. The bus was virtually empty, comfortable and smooth. This morning I took a regular blue bus. The bus got quite crowded, was underpowered and uncomfortable - and the fare was still Rs. 11 ! I noticed with the Suvarna bus a very few people got on while with a regular bus a lot did. With the fares being the same I dont understand why this was the case.

Another thing which seemed odd was the fare structure. From Mathikere to Yelahanka, around 10-11 km the fare was 11, while from MS. Palya to Yelahanka, around 5km, the fare was Rs 9. So what is the rationale here ?

Also, I think another issue with the buses, at least from Malleswaram etc. is that all the buses either go to Majestic or Shivaji Nagar. There should be buses which go to the CBD. Or the HOHO bus should service Shivaji Nagar as well.



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Bus Routes and Fares

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AFAIK, the reason Suvarna buses are less crowded are because they don't allow pass holders. A majority of the commuters buy either a daily or monthly pass.
The closest point on the HOHO route to Shivajinagar are at BRV juntion (intersection of Cubbon Road & Central Street) and at Minsk Square (Cubbon Rd & Queens Rd). There is a mention here about why it doesn't touch Shivaji Nagar.
The other way to get to CBD from Shivaji Nagar/Indian Express is to take any of the 330/331 buses (including 331-A which is a Volvo). These go down Cubbon Road, Dickenson Road and then on MG Road till Trinity Circle. Lots of traffic signals on the way, so you can hop off at a convenient point. comment guidelines

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