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Interesting film on traffic management and shared space.


I came across this intresting article on the conversion of a major junction in to what is known as `shared space' - making it easier for pedestrians to cross and vehicles to cross - by removing traffic lights.

Salaam Jabalpur

This film, `Salaam Jabalpur'  - is about the demolision of several temples, mosques, churches etc. which were obstructive. What is remarkable is that it was done with the cooperation and help of the people involved - without any force or violence. What hope of this happening in our ciry ?

Its quite remarkable.

Feeder Bus Service - Malleswaram Example

BusPublic Transport

This Feeder Bus service is a very good idea. I hope it is successful. But how about suggesting to BMTC to create a local Feeder bus service in several areas. For example. In Mall-eswaram, there will soon be two huge Malls at both ends - Mantri and Brigade. They could provide a service which goes as follows.

Loss of Moral Authority in Police


I saw the following scene on my way to work. I was driving along Chord road. At one of the intersections I stopped at a signal which was also being manned by a policeman. While I had stopped, a motorcyclist from the other direction ran a red light right in front of the cop.

Metro Launch - monumental waste of money.

Metro RailPublic Transport

I came accross this article in the Hindu today

Growth of Cities


I came across this TED talk which might be of some interest to some of you.

Road Rage

Pedestrianization success story

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Interesting story about Amman's Master Plan...

They seem to have implemented a pedestrianization project which has transformed the city. If only Bangalore's powers that be had such vision...

Sumanahalli Flyover and the Outer `Ring' Road.


About a week ago the CM inagurated the Sumanahalli flyover, which is a fancy name for the overbridge over Magadi Road on the Outer Ring Road. This leads to a new part of the ring road which is supposed to make the Outer Ring road more of a ring than it currently is.

Are two wheelers exempt from traffic rules ?


Hi I've noticed that increasingly two wheelers - essentially motorcycles violate all possible traffic rules. This afternoon I was walking back along 17th Cross road, Malleswaram, which is a one way. A motorcycle rider was about to enter the road and I stopped him, informing him that it is a one way. He said he had to deliver some flowers, so it was okay for him to go that way.

SWR and Local Trains

Commuter RailPublic Transport


It seems like finally things are moving in the direction of using the existing railway tracks around Bangalore. The SWR seems to have a proposal to introduce a commuter rail system, once their electricification of the tracks is completed. This could be a really great thing. I hope it goes through

Some good news regarding public transportation...

BusPublic Transport

Here is some good news concerning public transportation....

Auto Issues

Private transport

In todays Wall Street journal there was an article on the fact that the old cabbies in Bombay are beating up Meru Cab drivers because people prefer to take Meru cabs -

Namma Metro - it just gets better and better.....


This might be a bit alarmist but this is a report I read earlier today. It does not seem too surprising given that the BMRCL got around to finding digging specialists after starting to dig..

Auto strike...


If only there was an auto strike every day ! The city is so much quieter and calmer. And traffic is so much more orderly....

I have nothing really against the notion of autorickshaws - I use them myself - but I believe they should

- obey traffic laws

- do their job correctly

- maintain their vehicles well

- not remove silencers etc.

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