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abidpqa There wer less buses after getting of the Metro. 9 years ago
abidpqa First ride on Metro was thrilling. This really should have started 15 years ago. 9 years ago
Ershad Hossain Undue disrespect to street dogs are the cause of dog bites. We need to respect all life forms to seek happiness in our lives. 9 years ago
Pappu pappa i have smart card DL. but due to poor quality print text& no.s are disable after 2.5 years kindly guide me can i apply for reissue of DL 9 years ago
abidpqa There should be some exemptions for those who use biodegradable plastic in the plastic ban notification 9 years ago
abidpqa Award is great but does Volvo like CRS? 9 years ago
Residents Forum Residents Forum is now on Twitter. The twitter handle is @residents_forum 9 years ago
Residents Forum AGM of Residents Forum is scheduled on November 13, 2011. Want it to be a very gala event. 9 years ago
Residents Forum The Residents Forum's goal is to ensure that every resident of the colony becomes and active member for achieving collective success. 9 years ago
Residents Forum We also ensure safety of the residents through interaction with local police officials. 9 years ago
Residents Forum our activities include maintaining storm water drains,eradication of weeds,cleansing up the colony,helping calculate property tax residents. 9 years ago
Residents Forum it takes up several issues like water supply, electricity, street lights,putting up speed breakers in roads,solid waste disposal. 9 years ago
Residents Forum It promotes Social,Welfare,Cultural and Educational activates by promoting co-operation friendliness and co-ordination amongst its members. 9 years ago
Residents Forum Residents Forum is an RWA in LIC Colony,Jeevan Bima Nagar,Bengaluru- 560075 which works for the welfare of the residents of its colony. 9 years ago
Laxmi1 » admin Street lights are on from 5 pm evenings and are kept on till 7 am next day morning.Streetlight dept power short prob take action on same 9 years ago
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