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Adi135 Such measures could make Bengaluru a much better place to live. And BMTC wont become like red line or blue line buses of delhi killing peopl 9 years ago
Adi135 After 60 hours they can take leave till next week. The speed of the automobiles crossing the speed limit can be handicapped mechanically. 9 years ago
Adi135 BMTC could make the shifts of driver and conductor more flexible. Like 60 hours to be compleated in the way driver's like. 9 years ago
Adi135 BBMP can educate people about better road sense. Construct bridges to cross roads at more places. 9 years ago
Adi135 The accident's occouring from BMTC Buses r mostly due to unruly pedestrians,and byke riders, sometimes bus driver's. BBMP should educate ppl 9 years ago
ss87 @chethanbabu To the limit till where black board buses go(route No. 1 to 207) 9 years ago
chethanbabu Hi folk, May i know the city limits for 525 Rs monthly pass 9 years ago
freetenders If you find any problem in finding indian tenders 9 years ago
freetenders Is it easy to get government tenders 9 years ago
abidpqa The new Rs. 2 coin is the same size as old 1 rupee coin, reusing old molds? Some change in size, thickness, shape could have been made 9 years ago
abidpqa Traffic lights at CMH road replaced. AFAIK old one was working well 9 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya BESCOM Vigilance number not working. #fail 9 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Called Airtel to ask why they show ads in place of 'Cell Info'. Cheating? 9 years ago
avinbhat Looking for problems related to BMTC, KSRTC, BESCOM, KPCL, KPTCL and Renewable energy sources. Kindly contact 9 years ago
vswami Ref. my maiden Byte For more, suggest to go 9 years ago
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